Most efficient setup for MP0-1?

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    I know theres tons of different guides around of what people claim is the "best" or "fastest" way to farm paragon exp or legendaries in low MP levels like 0-1. But obviously those guides are build according to their gear and what abilities they are using. I also saw a thread on the official forums debating the use of Windforce vs Manticore. Several responses actually favored either the Windforce or even a 1 Hander for speed farming low MP levels because of their higher attack speeds. Is there any truth behind that? I can only access this website for some reason so cant log onto officials to post my profile but I was wondering if their is some truth behind using a faster weapon for lower MP levels.

    I know you get more crit from the Manticore because of the 50% from passive and also natural crit chance and double sockets. But the Windforce gives you more hatred regen and also some lifesteal which will help with reflect mobs in case you might be too low on Discipline to pop Shadow Power. But is the passive extra damage bonus from using a bow any good? Like I said I cant post my profile but I know my crit chance is 51% using scoundrel and my crit damage is 310%. Also I have 36% attack speed from my bow, quiver, and inna's legs along with 7 hatred regen using bat and also 24% movement speed. Would using something like Strafe or Multishot be my best bet for MP0-1 farming? I just dont like elemental arrow because its just so damn slow. Also would I be better off using bola or hungering with spray for my primary? I heard spray gets better with a very high crit and 50% seems pretty high to me. Also on low MPs I dont see myself using my hatred generator that often especially since I have hatred regen on 3 items plus Bat.

    TLDR: For my setup with 51% crit, 310% CD, 36% IAS, and 7 hatred regen what would be my best skill setup for farming ACT 3 set to MP0-1 and using a Windfury? Im still fairly new to DHs and dont really know what to do just yet as I only hit 60 last night.
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    It is simple first step, it will go much easier from there on. GET RID OF WINDFORCE--that is unless you have 1.3k DPS one with socket.

    Whowever on official forums suggested 1hnd weapon for low MP farming was a retarded idiot. The argument that high attack speed helps while farming low MPs is completely stupid as purpose of such farming is to kill all in sight with 1 or 2 shots. Why would you want or need high attack speed for that is beyond me.

    Now, back to the first step. Switching from bow to crossbow will take some time to get used to it. However, after few clears you will stop noticing the delay after attack and adjust your gameplay. Cheap-as-hell 2hnd crossbow with 1.3k DPS (and socket as must have, other stats are optional and nice to have but they will cost you) will outperform bow, even legendary one.
    No matter what stats you have, crossbow will be always better in terms of DPS and most importantly damage per shot ratio.

    Another important thing to keep is mind is that you want to stay away from weapons that have built-in IAS. While IAS on other pieces of gear works in our favor, IAS on weapon is in fact contra-productive for DH who uses crossbow. The reason for this is that DPS value is a function of weapon damage (min & max, this is listed on weapon if a proper option is enabled) and its attack speed. The implication of this is that two weapons with similar DPS (one with and the other without IAS) will have different weapon damage ranges--obviously the one with bonus IAS will have lower weapon damage range (both min and max) to compensate for faster attack speed. What this mean for us is that your shots will hit for less but you will shoot faster. This is bad. Keep in mind this is the case only with IAS on weapon, other slots do not impact weapon damage, therefore, they are beneficial for us.
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    hey now attack speed is pro for low mp faster animations = faster you 1 shot mobs and for hungers i guess its faster going from shooting to vaulting to next mob or what not xD
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    OK so if I switch back to a X-Bow can is it still faster to use something like Multishot? I just hate elemental arrow:ball lightning its just too slow for my tastes.
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    I can attest that Multishot rapes mobs in lower MP's. It goes through almost all environment objects (like doors and even some walls), and has a huge kill range. Combine it with some extra crit from DH gear, and it is highly effective, spammable, and instant hit, so it's fast. Sometimes, it even seems to hit multiple times on the same mob if they are very close (can't confirm, but seems to have occasional HUGE dmg spikes).

    Manticore, not a question (good dps rare can work too). I was a windforce guy until recently, and loved the extra hatred, but not worth the dps drop.

    tldr; yes on Multishot and xbow.
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    If you realy have enough dps to oneshot trash with multi on mp0/mp1 then i guess this is a kinda good build for farming.!ZXe!cabZYZ

    Since you already have a kinda high crit chance you should maintain enough disc from using nightstalker and regen hatred with prep. This way you should be able to vault thru the maps and spaming multishot. On packs you proberly spend some more seconds since you only have hungering as a "hard hitter". Im using this build on mp1 xp farm runs without the companion and running with clusterbombs for finishing of elites quite fast. Works for me with +200k dps(and 60 max. disc in farming gear) not sure if it works for you. ;)

    In regards of using either xbos or bow i would tend to use an xbow too. Ive been using bows for a long long time and switched to a manticore like 2 months ago and never regret. I still have my 1,3k dps open socket windforce and use it from time time just for the fun and giggles. ;)
    Words of wisdom: Don't follow the advice of people who won't have to deal with the consequences.
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    Been leveling up with MS ever since I got Fire at will and loved it. But what DPS do you need to just walk around and 1 shot trash on MP0? Havent made it to Act 3 yet but im sitting on 51% crit chance and 420% crit damage with my X-Bow. Also my DPS is around 115k. My x-bow doesnt have the best DPS in the world but I wasnt going to pass up a Manticore with 194 dex, 122 vit and 3% lifesteal that someome posted for only 2 mil. Sure its only got 1100 DPS but I think I got a pretty good deal and I couldnt have afforded a 1200 DPS double socketed one anyways. I could have got one with 100 more DPS with my budget but I think the extra vit and LS is worth a lot more than 100 DPS. I have +125 total avg damage on my rings and ammy anyways so I guess I made up that 100 DPS difference anyways.
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    I have tried using Multishot instead of Ball Lightning but I have few gripes with it:
    • It tends to miss mobs that are close to you or in sharp angles to the side of your character.
    • It has limited range, it forces you to get up close and personal with the mobs
    • It is instant but does not have any projectile/trajectory--you cant send it behind you to clear few stray monsters or you can not front-load 2 or 3 ball lightnings as you move
    I agree that if you can kill white trash in 1 or 2 shots, Multishot is good option for MP0-1 farming. There are areas such as Keep 2, which is part of suggested Alkaizer farming route, where MS is pain due to lots of corners or monsters with shields.

    You can check my gear and build I use in my profile. The build should work for any gear setup past 100k DPS and provides reasonable versatility, damage output and mobility.
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    Quote from Ally25

    TLDR: For my setup with 51% crit, 310% CD, 36% IAS, and 7 hatred regen what would be my best skill setup for farming ACT 3 set to MP0-1 and using a Windfury? Im still fairly new to DHs and dont really know what to do just yet as I only hit 60 last night.

    with these stats, on mp0-1 you can do a really efficient strafe build and just plow through things like a WW barb..

    Only thing missing is your dps.. but with those stats, I assume its pretty decent
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    Here ya go: cant go wrong with this one!ZbY!cabcYa
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    Im using strafe on 0-1 MP with a decent bow. With evasive fire as my regen. Lazy build but you dont even really need to aim, everything just locks on.

    Im sure someone posted a strafe build with vengeance and pick up radius to help with hatred regen. Looks fun and he was farming mp3
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    you can check the strafe thread. lots of builds and vids inside to chose from according to which mp you want to run
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    Try this one out, the evasive fire rips up trash and rapid fire destroys packs. Plus you can use an evasive fire chest and a rapid fire quiver. If enemies get in your face you can just rapid fire them so you don't go on a backflipping spree, the night staker is more so you can move around quickly and still be ready for fights, I honesty try not to use backflip often, unless i feel it's the best option for a situation.

    Edit: I actually like archery over steady aim. Just realized i am tanking a bit more than i remembered on packs.

    Edit: the rapid fire quiver is also a good investment if you are running a tryhard type ubers build (entangling shot: justice is served with rapid fire spam)
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