Help me with my Demon hunter

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    need you guys help gearing my demon hunter have about 20 mil to play with so not sure where to head for upgrades my battletag is Canicus#1556
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    Upgrades depending what you wanne achieve with your dh? Farming faster? Being able to do higher mp?

    In general i would work on:

    - New helm

    Your current andys offers no socket = meh for paragon grinding. Get either a new andys with socket or just an ias mempo if you want all res on your helm. Its dps(andys) vs. survivability(mempo)

    - Dex count

    2k Dex is mediocre. There is room for way more dex then that. Might get an inna┬┤s belt for the 2pc bonus and getting vile wards with like 180 dex

    - Vit count

    You are pretty low on vit. Get better Gloves(with cc/ccd/dex and vit), bracers(6% cc, vit, dex and all res) and maybe nats boots with vit roll. %Life is a nice stat but you need vit to support it. ;)

    - Your Gems

    Get at least 46 dex gems for the armor and 50dex/80ccd for your wep. Thats 40 dex and 40% ccd just from upgrading gems!
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