Trail of Cinders still viable?

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    Hey all i know trail of cinders was nerfed pretty hard, but i was testing it out on low mps 0-3 and its seems to do some decent damage? Also does anybody know the damage on Firewalkers? cuz i was thinking there could be some level of viability there? Or am I really reaching lol
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    Firewalkers are useless in terms of damage. Their tick is in hundreds damage range at best. Hellfire ring is a lot more versatile and does more damage then Firewalkers.

    Vault is nowadays very popular due to the mobility it provides. Mobility and how fast you move around battlefield is the key to be effective when farming on low MP levels, which is what pretty much everybody focusing on EXP grind does these days.
    Commonly used rune would be Tumble for the discipline reduction on next Vault, which works extremely well with Tactical Advantage passive.

    If you want to use Trail of Cinders, you would have to give up on Tumble. That is not good trade off in my view, although, if you have legacy Natalya's set (ie. infinite Discipline) Tumble will not be necessary.
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    toc is still useful if u have a decent amount of life on hit, firewalkers i think ticks for around 3k dmg, duno how often tho. tumble is good for travelling fast, but for... "advanced" kiting, or kiting in tight areas, where u might need to vault through monsters, rattling roll and trail of cinders are safer.
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    was it ever viable? it wasnt nerf btw it was a mistake. Blizz said it soon after the patch went up. I hope you enjoyed it while it lasted
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    Vault + Tumble + Tact Adv. in combination with Vengeance and Night Stalker = win for low MP XP farming.
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