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    Hey all.

    So I've left DH till last (for whatever reason) and thanks to trusty Reduced Level Requirement, I'm doing more than enough damage heading into 60.

    With that said, I've been running with Companion and I just unlocked the Ferret Companion, which I selected to save some time and get some extra gold since I don't need any other buffs.

    Anyway, I just noticed the cute little buggers also attack!, which totally surprised me since I thought the attack was forfeit from the GF and collection boost.

    With the DPS I'm running at early 50s they roughly 4 hit regulars. which I think is just hilarious.

    I think they're cool and wondering if LoH, Bleed, Thorns etc works on these guys. Does anyone know?

    With my Templar tanking for me, I have 3x pets getting into it for me (solo of course) while I dish out the DPS.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback. :Thumbs Up:
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    I will attest that Thorns does not work on them, as they are not targetable or killable by anything we fight. Likely gonna bet that LoH doesn't either, given it doesn't work on ANY pet (for healing the owner anyways). Couldn't say on the bleed front.
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    I'm pretty sure they can't tank. They're very useful companions because of the way they grab gold(and also increase it!), but nothing much. LL, LoH, Thorns don't works. Although Damage Reflex do! I thing Bat Companion is the best, it gives you damage + hatred generation, which is awesome.
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    I've done some light testing with these rodents an my conclusion is that I'm not happy with them since they will rather fight then pick up gold so if you're moving fast, they'll leave quite some gold.

    I agree with Eazy, the Bat is preferred.
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    They are ok if you level on your own without gettin carried on mp10. Its some extra gold along the way to 60. As soon as you reach level 60 and start farming inferno they are just a wasted skill/rune.
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    Ferret DOES push the gold cap past max.. So if you're say... 1 shot farming with multi shot.. you can use the ferret(and it helps if you have low pickup radius)
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    Sure is a gold farmer's pet of choice. But no, no use(ful or less) combat stat works on Ferret Companion, or any companion for that matter.
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    Thanks for the feedback all.

    Would be ace if you could get them to tank for you, add LoH, Bleed etc.

    Regardless, I'm still running with them. Still grinding to 60, on level 53 atm @ Hell(5) and can still afford to have them in that slot for now.

    Just curious, do you guys think the Ferrets do 38% Physical EACH?
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