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    Some advice on getting my DPS up.. I usually go for dexterity items, but this doesnt appear to be doing the trick.. which affixes specifically boost DPS?
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    Easy upgrades for you would be;

    helmet with crit% (Andariels Visage is really cheap, and got both crit%+ASI) be aware that it increases firedmg taken

    Rings - crit% +critdmg/asi

    Quiver - rolls up to 10% crit, get something there aswell.

    Amulet can probably be upgraded quite cheap to one with crit% + crit dmg or ASI.

    Gloves can probably also be upgraded fairly cheap, either for trifactors (crit%+critdmg+asi) or just some with crit% + crit dmg, or, crit% + ASI

    Note that you still want dex on the items xD
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    Gear suggestions:
    • Get rid of that Manticore, you can buy 1.3k DPS crossbow with socket (optionally look for 2.5+% life steal & dex/vit) for 5 mil. in EU AH.
    • Both rings, gloves and chest need to be upgraded -- get CHC & CHD combo where you can
    • Quiver should have high crit on it as well, try to keep +discipline as well, it does help a lot and it is the cheapest slot to get it on gear. Cheap Dead Man Legacy can be bought around 10-12 mil. these days.

    Skill-choice suggestions:
    • Get rid of Sentry and build standard HA/AE build + Cluster Arrow or Impale for added kick
    • Once you get rid of Sentry, you can use Sharshooter (SS) and Stead Aim passives -- both provide great DPS boost, which you can use. You are very low on crit chance and IAS, therefore, SS will give you big benefit.
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    Thanks, really appeciate it.. I got about 45 mil to spend, not much, but trying..

    So in short, items with CHC, CHD and IAS where possible is the main contributor to DPS..?

    As you can see, i've invested a lot in LOH because there is just no other way to survive.. heavy DPS items are just so impossibly expensive :( I'll start finding bargains on those CHC/CHD items
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    Yes, CHC and CHD is the way to go. IAS should be close but still behind those 2 stats at least early on.

    I missed the fact you are still using Smoke Screen, just replace it with Shadow Power: Gloom. You will be laughing on any reflect damage packs. It takes a while to get used to it but you will love it soon after.

    45 mil. is a lot of gold if used properly. It might take a week or two to get good deals but you can definitely kick start your character with such amount. 100k DPS mark should be definitely achievable with good planning and bit of luck on AH deals.
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    Important when stacking IAS. If you melt stuff fast and don't stand around spamming arrows, some IAS will be wasted. Also, if you studder-step (or whatever it's called when you shoot-walk-shoot-walk), you want to make sure you're firing in the same pace as if you were standing still otherwise the IAS does nothing to your dps other than showing it as a higher number on your spread sheet.
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    Your biggest possible upgrade is weapon with higher dps. Aim for ~1200 dps. Crit dmg (native plus as a socket) should be in the package also. The increase of base weapon dmg would be a boost of n*10% to your overall dps.
    If you are concerned with loh, I suggest putting it on ring (you can easilly get a ring with dex, 300-400loh and crit, such unities, which btw give you additional base dmg, cost ~2mil), maybe amulet (~800 loh, but don't forget other stats). LoH can be boosted by ias (as your dmg can be, too). Moreover, I would suggest using the most unpopular Hungering Arrows rune - Cinder Arrows. I found it to be not that worse than the popular ones, while providing you with 130% loh proc (compaired to ~60% proc of other HA runes).
    However, if you are doing farming runs (on mp1, I hope), changing smoke screen to shadow power would diminish the need of loh or ls, for 15% ls is more than one could need. For ubers on high mp, however, smoke screen is still a must and loh is an extremely useful thing.

    As for "getting rid of sentry", that thing is very useful on low mp farming runs - you just put it and run for other mobs, while the sentry produces xp killing white mobs. I'm also using it on ubers, though I'm not so sure on how optimal it is in this case.
    As for skills, it'd try to get rid of these caltrops and stack CC on items. Then you could also change Custom Engineering to the 20% dps boost (Steady Aim) or the EHP increase in the form of Perfectionist.

    And your CC is extremelly low, you could easily get at least 8% on quiver (talking cheap and not loosing stats) and several points on juvelery. I think, firstly I would buy a cheap quiver for similar stats to yours plus CC and (most importantly) a weapon with higher dps, sacrificing the loh. Then, concidering how much money you have left, I would search for rings (CC+loh, CC+CD, ias+...) and amulet.

    Good luck!
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