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    Hi there,

    I didn't play Diablo for quite a while, now I'm back and find it quite amusing again.
    I didn't even finish Inferno yet, but I am wondering what gear to get/upgrade next. I'm currently at Act 3, not having Problems at all (rushing through, more or less). (At mp0 though)
    I'm also quite fine with my build, but is there anything else I could improve?

    As you may noticed, I'm quite a "Diablo Noob", so any help is appreciated. :)

    Char Profile: http://eu.battle.net...3/hero/10972982 + I actually wear another chest, which just doesn't show yet.
    I got quite a lot of gold lying around, but dont even know what I should be looking for right now. Any help appreciated. :P

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    I suggest you look at the "Rate the Demon Hunter above you" thread here for some inspiration. Pretty much every piece of your gear, bar few pieces, can be upgraded.

    PS. There is a difference between 'newb' and 'noob', Im sure you want to be the first rather than the later one.
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    Depending on how long ago it was that you quit you can find some surprisingly nice gear for very cheap. There is a huge oversaturation of gear available on the AH, just unless its perfect you can get it for <1mil. like baron01 said, look at the rate the DH above thread and notice common trends then search for that in AH. Set max buyout at 1mil then sort by highest dex(or dps for weapon) and you will be amazed at what you can get for that price. Good luck!
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    There are allot of really cheap upgrades you can make as your gear stands right now.Start by tryin to max out your crit and crit dmg so you can drop sharpshooter (usually around 40% crit it becomes useless). 6% crit wrists with huge dex are a dime a dozen, also 2 of 3 stat gloves (e.g. crit chance + crit dmg or crit chance + IAS) sell real cheap. Pick up a cheapo 1-5m 1 socket manticore with 11% ias and 90+ crit dmg make sure its 1.1k dps + , will boost your dmg huge.

    Im not the best geared DH but feel free to take a look at my gear to get an idea, I sit at 214k dps with no SS
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    Thanks so far - Already found some (relatively) cheap Upgrades, and now know what I should be looking for. :) Thanks.
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