Magic find or max gear?

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    Hi guys,

    I continue running into this problem and I think others might have the same;

    I have a DH paragon17 with quite a bunch of MF coming from my gear. However, the gear with MF on it is not as good (not in armor nor in resis nor in dps) as gear without MF. So better gear would mean dropping the MF.
    However, to find better gear or to make enough money to buy better gear you need the MF... IT's a bit of dilemma I can't really solve.
    What would you do? Mf but less dps, resis and vit or would you try to max your gear and wait for the MF to come with the paragon lvls?

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    Well i think this all comes down to personal preference. My self i dont look for mf on my gear at all, i try to max my dmg to make the higher MP levels quicker to run. I cant go and spout that i have a high mf in higher MP levels but i believe is around 25% per monster power level. so if you can run mp 3 now and have 100 MF you got 175%. if the gear you swap into allows you to run MP 7 You wouldnt have lost any of the MF, but your also not gaining any. But you can also receive the xp bonus and such.
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    If you want loot, kill as fast as you can. More "rolls" (killed mobs) give higher chance of awesome lewts.
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    MF gear lots some of its appeal with introduction of Paragon levels that can largly substitute for the lack of MF once you get to plvl40+. I believe that focus now switched from gear farming to EXP farming, therefore, you should have maximum +EXP % gear (ruby gem & Hellfire ring at least) with as high DPS as possible. You should farm on low MP (0-1-2) because that is where you maximize your EXP/hour gain.

    Of course, If you can get MF on a good piece of gear, it is welcome bonus, however, you should not restrain your damage/survival for MF.. I was running 275% MF (unbuffed)gear set pre 1.0.4, which was great for farming Act2 quick runs centered around Vault of Assassin. However, this set of gear was not capable of running Act3, therefore, I gradually replaced it with high DPS focused pieces. Im now left with only 2 pieces of gear that have MF, which is bonus that does not limit its damage potential (just the price tag is higher).

    It was said already but I repeat it. Kill fast, move fast and reap the benefits. Efficiency is all.
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    Wrong forum, sorry.
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    Hmmm some very good points! Thank you very much!
    And indeed, I totally forgot about the mf bonus with higher mp!
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    Quote from Darcy_Maris

    And indeed, I totally forgot about the mf bonus with higher mp!

    Be careful here. While the extra MF for each MP level seems appealing, it is in fact largely contra-productive to compensate for lack of MF by increasing MP levels.
    You only want to switch to higher MP level when you spend very high portion of you time spend in game by moving instead of fighting--this is very high, at around 90% of total time. Only in such case, you want to switch your MP higher because you gain nothing from just moving around so the bonuses from higher MP level may out-weight the increased HP.
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    Rule of thumb: Farm on an mp where you still oneshot trash. Thats by far the most efficient way in terms of xp and loot per hour.
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    Drop all your MF gear and stack as high DPS/EHP as you possibly can --> Farm in a MP level that's suitable for you (fastest run time and EXP per hour vs. least deaths) --> Farm and gain paragon levels --> Farm and gain MF/GF stats and primary stats --> Farm faster because of higher stats --> Loot more because of higher stats --> Sell loot for more gold --> Gear up because of more gold --> Farm faster because of better gear --> Gain more paragon levels --> Farm and gain stats even faster --> Farm even faster because of even higher stats --> Loot even faster because of higher stats --> Sell even better loot for even more gold --> Gear up because of so much gold --> Farm so fast because of so much great gear --> Gain even more paragon levels --> Farm and gain stats even faster than before --> Wow, more gold and loot! --> Buy more gear! --> Godly now, farm more and even faster! --> More paragon levels and stats! --> Repeat indefinitely until you quit the game.
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    Jaetch, thank you for the details of just about every rpg type of game out there :D

    @ op. what everyone said... kill > more drops. you're guarenteed drops with 5nv anyways, plus with mp levels, its all good. I dont run much MF (just whatever happens to roll on that piece), and i find a legendary a game, on average (i usually pub seigebreaker, or mp3 xp runs..
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    Anyways, I'll stop gearing with mf then. And try to lvl like a boss! ^^
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    What Jaetch says.
    I immediately went damage+defense when Paragon leveling began and it wasn't long before I got to 200% mf and started to get multiple legendaries per day. Speed is everything.
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    You want to be careful throwing MF out the window... in the long run, Paragon levels will compensate for your loss of MF on equipment, but the MF bonus from MP STACKS on top of your 300% cap. The more MF you bring to the table, the better your loot will be. You won't get more ilvl equipment (which doesnt matter at mp1+), you won't get higher numbers on your equipment, but MF DOES affect the # of affixes you get on an item, which is very important.

    My advice would be to only drop MF from equipment when you can make a really significant upgrade, and only slowly as you progress through paragon levels. Many people will advocate progressing quickly through paragon levels, but once you get into the paragon grind, you'll find that it can take lots of hours to make up for losing 30% MF on an amulet or something. Personally, I try to shoot for 260+ before stacks and I try not to stray too far below that. I find that the closer I get to 350 the better my drops are.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong.. but, P100 also means you don't need MF on any gear.. Only "MF" that works is from mp levels.. IE; P100 mp10 = best of best
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    Quote from fulken

    Correct me if I'm wrong.. but, P100 also means you don't need MF on any gear.. Only "MF" that works is from mp levels.. IE; P100 mp10 = best of best

    That's right. I would guess the vast majority of players are in the 30-60 range tho. I think somewhere around level 75 is the halfway mark from an experience required perspective. Things slow down pretty drastically imo after 30-40.
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    ye may be truth
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    Paragon grind is relatively easy until lvl70 or so. Im currently plvl64 and I can make it to the next level in 2 -3 hours of play. However, I can already feel that every next level is taking longer due to increasing amount of exp needed, which definitely grow at a higher rate at these levels.

    I also like to keep my MF at 350+ with 5xNV, therefore, I keep a bit of MF on my gear (+follower). Since Im plvl64, playing on MP1, 5xNV and my MF will get me to 355.

    I still believe it is more important to have %EXP bonus as high as possible because Paragon levels give you damage, survival and MF/GF boost all at once. Drops will come along the way.
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