Bored of the barb, starting over again

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    So after 86 paragon levels, I'm getting burned out on my barb and I'm looking for something new. My DH was the first toon I leveled and I've decided to go back to him, although I haven't really played him since 1.02. Most of my gear is just stuff I found while farming on my Barb and tossed on him, I found a decent Windforce the other day and picked up a dead man's for cheap on a bid so I've decided to give him another go.


    So what I'm looking for....
    1. Spec wise, I've been playing around with a few talents. Can't decide if Hungering Arrow with splinters or devouring arrow is better for single target. I like the massive damage ball lightning does to large packs but its lackluster vs a single elite. The other thing is my passive, I've been using perfectionist because the defensive bonuses look nice, but I don't know if there are better. Anyone have opinions of Perfectionist vs NIghtstalker?
    2. Gear-where should I start.
    3. Followers? Always used enchantress but since she got nerfed idk how I feel about her anymore.
    4. Anything else you think I might think is interesting. Thanks for your feedback :)
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    You have a fairly high crit chance so I think the passive Night Stalker would be a better option for your discipline regeneration.

    Gear wise.. hard to say, I'm going to leave that for the more knowledgeable people on the forum ;)
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    Im a huge fan of the windforce bow and like it alot myself but in terms of damage it just cant stand even a mediocre 1 socket 1100dps(with dex roll) manticore. So things i would replace first:

    - Change bow for an xbow(manticore)
    - Try to get a decent inna┬┤s pants with a vit roll. You gain 8 or 9% ias, 1% crit, 130dex from 2pc and 12% ms which is quite alot for just one piece of gear.

    If you got used to your current skills/passives i wouldnt change much b/c runes for HA and Prep. HA/SoT and Prep either Backup Plan or Focused Mind. In terms of Follower i would stick with the scoundrel which offers imo more utility compared to the enchantress.
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    I once got bored of the barbarian, so I started a new one! Actually that only happened in Diablo 2. I fucking love my Barbarian in Diablo 3 :D I think Diablo 2 was a bit more "starting over with the same class" friendly haha :P
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    I can help u and learn u all u need to know.
    Just Private message me here on dfans.
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