Building a DH from Scratch

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    Hey DHs,

    I'm currently on a mission to gear up every single class - somewhere all along the lines of 100K+ unbuffed DPS and 300-350K unbuffed EHP. My wizard is way past that and my monk is almost there.

    So next in line is my DH, who was once a legacy Nat's based one but I sold the gear many months ago. However, I would like to revisit this build soon.

    I already have a Nat's Gaze and Shadow, and currently hoarding gold to pick up a 100+ dex Nat's Soul and a Nat's Mark with either crit chance or crit damage. I have about 40M in my inventory and will probably hit 100-200M if I can sell everything I currently have up in AH.

    With that out of the way, I plan on going somewhat cookie cutter with Gloom/Smoke, Trail of Cinders, Battlescar or Backup Prep. Also, no Sharpshooter. Gonna stick with Archery, Tactical Advantage and Perfectionist.

    What else do you all recommend? Inna's Temperance+Favor or Witching Hour? Manticore or generic Crossbow with Deadman's? Anyone successfully dual-wield?

    Thanks, all!
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    i rly enjoy my eq atm.. tried some variations of eq but this suits me best (actually thinking about trying new nats cuz it can give me decent dmg boost.. like 40-60k dmg more) and prob aiming for rly good manti (but its sound of far future cuz its gonna be like 1b) and also lookin for similar bracers with all res, but cant loose any of stats that are on my currwnt ones so its prety hard to find for some reasonable price.

    Dont look at my build, i just tried some fun skills on mp1 runs, so maybe the one appears on my char is strange :) can give u some ideas if intersted. i use different builds for solo/group/xp and ubers farm..

    if u got any questions, dont hesitate to ask, happy to discuss :)

    im at the work atm but checkin forums like every half hour :)
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    DW is nice if you have a bazillion gold. A generic rare physical dmg xbow with chd and socket, deadmans, Inna's legs and belt should be much more accessible. You can get that xbow much cheaper than a Manticore with same dps, and works nice with the belt's bonus.

    And whats with that crazy build? Oh yes, some people play this game for fun. Always forget that. Well anyways, if you want easymode DH, just take Ball Lightning, Spray of Teeth or Devouring Arrow, Gloom, Bat, Preparation, and the dps passives.
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    btw im rly affraid they are going to nerf old nats discipl regen when pvp hits, so im afraid to invest in some better old nat pieces.. thats why i am thinking about new nats set
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    i enjoy bal lightning for like mp3, for xp spedruns i swap it for multishot.. much faster and more effective. for higher mp i prefer cluster bombs cuz ball lightning is rly slow and low dmg

    gonna post u builds i use when i will be home
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    Quote from martysuchy

    btw im rly affraid they are going to nerf old nats discipl regen when pvp hits, so im afraid to invest in some better old nat pieces.. thats why i am thinking about new nats set

    Eh, I really doubt that will happen. People who run legacy Nat's prioritize defense and lose DPS compared to running the current Nat's. If anything else, I'll just keep it as a trophy set.

    Oh, and I should've mentioned I'm on U.S. server.
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    Inna's Legs
    Strongarm bracers (with the Inna legs you have enough movement speed and good lacuni's are very expensive)
    Witching Hour (even a cheap one adds a lot of DPS)
    Manticore (pref with 2 sockets)
    Dead Man's Legacy
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    U can check my profile, currently hitting around 220k unbuffed dps...altough i have way to low AR and HP for my own taste, but i'm getting there slowly =)
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