Sentry Bug? Working as intended?

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    So I have been testing out the new and improved Demon Hunter Sentry. So today I dropped my first Sentry against a reflect damage mob. Every hit from my sentry was chunking my life away from reflect damage. Working as intended? Maybe?

    If the Sentry acts as part of the Demon Hunter and I take hits from Reflect Damage, shouldn't the Sentry hits also return Life On Hit back to me. I don't know if this is a bug or inteded, but the Sentry should do both or neither. If I am taking hits from refelct damage from the sentry, it should retrun life on hit and life steal.

    Hopefully this gets looked at because I really like the new playstyle with my sentry, but I feel its broken if I am taking damage from reflects damage and not getting any Life on Hit or life steal in retun.

    Also with Shadow Prowler and Gloom up, Sentry hits dont seem to be returning the % damage back as life
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    dont know if thats worked as intended, but it should be reworked
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    It's intended wizards have had to deal with that with Hydra's for a long time now.
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