Advice on what pieces to upgrade to

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    Hello folks I'm hitting a bit of a wall in finding items on the AH to upgrade to from my current set. I know I have a lot of GF right now but I'm working on phasing it out for res all gear. Any suggestions on gear pieces would be much appreciated. for my DH profile.
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    1. Crit Chance
    2. Crit damage

    There's a lot you can upgrade just depends on your gold.

    I would get rid of AR and just go straight glass cannon with lots of dscipline bonus.
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    Your helm, gloves and bracers are screaming out for some crit chance. If you havent got alot of gold youre going to lose dexterity, dont even sweat it.

    Upgrade your ammy when youre flush with gold and as nice as your hellion xbow is, 45% crit damage is very low. Definately prepare yourself to lose some weapon dps to pick up another with more crit damage and a socket(so even more crit damage) unless you have the coin to spend.
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    It looks like you're at 11% crit chance without sharpshooter. That's pretty low.
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    Also you have a decent amount of HP, but almost not AR, meaning some spells might even kill you if you're hit. I would focus also on getting some AR to at least be able to survive a crit from any spell.
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