[Act 1] Inferno gear checks and stuff?

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    Ok so a i recently started playing diablo again and i wanted to know if im ready to begin farming Act 1 inferno what stats should i have before even trying and what spells are good since last update ?
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    Buy a rare 1000+ dps weapon with dex and a socket, some dex/@ pieces and just hop into the game. The more vitality/resist you get the more errors you can make, the more @ (ias, crit chance, crit damage, etc) you can get besides stacking dex the faster stuff dies.

    Specc: you can basically still use the cookie cutter build you used since the beginning, just swapping Elemental Arrow/Nether Tentacles for either Elemental Arrow/Ball Ligthning or any other hatred spender you prefer, doesn't really matter. Just don't get hit (caltrops) and pick up a defensive cooldown (smoke screen if you're a really squishy glass cannon, else Shadow Power/Gloom).
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    With 20k HP, 250+ AR and a decent damage +30k you should be able to farm Act 1 inferno without problems.
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