1.04 DH legend item guild

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    sorry, it should be "guide" instead of "guild". just wrong type.

    1. Black word means the first choice.
    2. Blue word means the second choice.
    3. Green word means the items details is not clear right now, but it can be sure that those items are much better than blue word items.
    4. Red word means the item need to be very perfect, then it will have the choice to be the best item.
    5. First Choice blanked means this positon have infinity possibility for different items.

    The black word parts:
    head: Mempo of twilight
    shoulder: Vile ward
    Cloaks: The inquisitor
    Wrist: Lacuni prowlers
    Leg: Depth Digger
    Feet: Ice climber
    Weapon: Windforce, Manticore, Calamity
    Off-hand: Deadman's legacy

    ~~~~~~~~~Aug 23 ~~~~~~~~~

    Atfer one day observation, a little part of legend items enhanced more than 20% aganist useless lengend items still took a lot.
    The best items for each parts still are these in the picture in most times.
    However, some legend items' the average quality in the picture are not good enough.
    For example, a lot of The Inquisitor's stats are very poor. Besides, not all of Fire Walker have the highest 70-80 Res. The early official post just a paragon(perfect stats)
    Generally speaking, the legend items have not a good average quality as previously offical commitement.

    For the normal players, the real change for everyone in 1.04 is legend weapon.
    Like 2 sockets Manticore, high DPS Windforce(1300 or above with 1 socket), and one-hand crossbow.
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    guild ? seriously ?
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    huhm? what is this thread about?
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    Think I'll follow this thread... just to see if it'll ever make any sense.
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    Quote from WNxManiacMan

    Think I'll follow this thread... just to see if it'll ever make any sense.

    it wont
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    What? Who?
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    Seems pretty obvious that it's some kind of spreadsheet for what legendary items are BiS in what slots. On some kind of moonspeak-asian language, however. (mempo of twilight, who is mentioned as "first choise" helm gives 10-12% Life, 71-80 All resi, 8-9% attack speed, and is Ilvl 63 able to roll 2 props - in this case, it could roll a +150 dex roll and 6% crit. Making it by far the strongest helm you could possibly wish for in terms of damage, and extremely strong for survivability too).
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    i think he means guide not guild?!
    Some one call for the docter?
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    sorry, sould be "guide", just wrong type. English is not my native language.
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    u mean yellow items sucks in 1.04?
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    Quote from yuyang0550

    sorry, sould be "guide", just wrong type. English is not my native language.

    I'm afraid we can't really use this guide for anything without a translation of the picture to english. I'd bet that it is very few of us who are able to read the language it's made in, and are thus pretty much useless :P. I'd also have to disagree about some of the items' being BiS (Ice Walkers, for exaple), and movement speed caps out at 25% unless they changed something, so Lacuni's + a pair of boots should be enough +move speed to drop the Inquisitor for a chest which also has sockets/max disc.
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    Renewed the picture with English.
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