World First Inferno Lottery Challenge

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    Tomorrow (Sunday) at 8pm GMT+1 myself and a barbarian will be attempting to clear inferno armed only with unidentified items. First we thought about budget runs, which are cool, but we decided to do something a little bit different ;)

    It differs from a budget run in one key way:
    On a budget run, you can choose the most efficient build with which to attempt the challenge, then gear specifically for that build (in a Demon Hunter's case, glasscannon).
    On this lottery run, we're going in blind. We have no idea what kind of builds we can use, as it all depends on what items we have to work with.

    We've been preparing over the last few days by farming all the items ourselves, as buying them would come with a large risk that the items are pre-checked garbage, which would not let us even clear act 1.

    You should definitely come watch, it's going to be hilarious! Of course there will also be good item giveaways (we'll be IDing 140 items) and some gold giveaway competitions.

    Now, from a demon hunter standpoint, what unid weps would you recommend to bring along? I'm thinking 10x Hellion Crossbows (we have 10 weps each instead of 5, as weapons are the most important parts and can be really high variance AKA I could be stuck with a 500 dps wep).

    But, maybe 5 bows and 5 xbows would be better? It would give me more options with which build to use. What do you guys think?

    Also: Input on builds would be great. What builds do you guys think are good regardless of gear setup? What if I get loads of allres gear, and low dps? All input in this thread, and on the stream tomorrow night would be greatly valued :) I hope you come watch!

    Keitaru#2403 if you want to chat with me ingame. I'm a huge fan of crazy builds ;)
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    10 1h xbow :)
    -leirissa | vanboon#1499 | lvl 60 dh - 4/4 inferno 6/9/12
    profile: 4/4pc natalyza dps: 73k (w/o ss), dex: 1967, health: 22k, resist: ~150, mf: 90%/261%
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    Sounds very awesome! Especially compared with all the not-so-interesting budget "challenges". I'll definitely tune in to watch.
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    Gonna be fun watching :) Good luck tomorrow
    + Rep Me if I've helped!
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    Quote from leirissa

    10 1h xbow :)

    Hehe, using a dualwield build myself atm for fast a3 farming. Gives infinite Vaults for trashskipping with Night Stalker.

    Too risky for this run though, as it's too likely they'll roll low dps ^^
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    Good Luck boys, i`ll looking forward to see your posted vid :D
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    We're live now! Starting to unid the items we'll be using in 15 minutes :)
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    Crap I couldn't be home for it, any chance there's a vid somewhere with recap of it? ^^
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    Good luck ! :)
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