How much is Sharpshooter worth to me? This spreadsheet tells you

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    hey, I was wondering how much critical strike chance Sharpshooter was granting me.
    Sure, it's a guaranteed crit for the opening burst, but after that? Is it still usefull?
    Want to know how much DPS you gain from the buff? How much overall damage increase it grants?

    If someone else wants to know, you may use the spreadsheet. I hope I did it right.
    The only thing you have to do is edit your Attack Speed and your Critival Strike Chance, then it should tell you an approximation of your average Critical Strike Chance gained from the talent.
    If you want to, you can also edit your Critical Damage (from the charscreen) and your DPS without Sharpshooter, then it will tell you your absolute and percental DPS increase aswell.

    free for all to use:

    if it doesn't work (i.e. if someone changed it without permission) you can download it here:

    keep in mind its an approximation. because I'm to lazy to make it really big, it analyzes the first 33 shots you fire off straight after a critical hit. Thats sufficient as long as you dont go much higher than about attackspeed 4.0 with absolutly no ciritical strike on gear. but thats unrealistic anyway. (not so much itembudget available, and time spent kiting etc)

    if it doesnt work, or there's something wrong, please let me know. and please only edit the 2 green and 2 orange cells.
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    You have to add +3% on top of your given result, as sharpshooter never resets to "0", but to "+3".
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    ah thanks draco! never noticed that ^^
    hotfixed that (by adding +3% to your base for calculation, and adding +3% at the end)
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    Np :P. Worth 5.5% crit to me, meaning a 8754 DPS increase, or a 7.7% dps increase ;p.
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    Should I put my crit in the green box? Tried changing each and then both values (20 base) and nothing happened?
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    well that's the problem with such an open document... I reverted it back into a usable state.
    Now it should work again, and yes, just enter your crit and attackspeed (eg 30 and 1.52)
    if anyone knows a better way to do this (public document, which is changeable, but not destroyable...) please let me know.
    As far as I know you can not restrict acces by cells, thats the problem...
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    Make users download it and make it unchangeable or make a little website for it.
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    whops, by reverting it back to the working state, I undid the hotfix (Sharpshooter always grants 3% crit, this you may have missed if you used it in the last few minutes)

    here you may download the spreadsheet if the googledocs one has been mucked up again

    edited the first post
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    working again.
    anoying that people keep on changing/deleting stuff :-(
    if you see that the googledocs spreadsheet doesn't seem to be working, please post here, so I can take care of it.

    ps: nice to see that it wasn't a pure waste of time, it's being used quite often :-)
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    This is awesome, thank you!
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    pleased to help :-)
    I know it's nothing relevant, it's just one of those things I always wanted to know...

    I updated the calculator!
    If you want to, you can also edit your Critical Damage from your charscreen and your DPS wihtout Sharpshooter, then it will tell you how much DPS you gain from the Buff (in the average case) and how much percental Damage increase the buff is to you. this makes it more easily comparable with the other damage buffs (Archery, Steady Aim)

    this buff is actually stronger than Archery and Steady Aim in some cases! if you're a fresh lvl 60, have got a little bit of Critical Damage but low crit and a slow Weapon it can be better!

    edit: edited first post to reflect the changes
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    great job thank you.
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    This has been a big help! I can't believe I'm saying this, but at 43% crit chance, I'm actually going to turn sharpshooter back on... this might be small kick I need to start farming Act 3.
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    Nice work, been wondering about this myself, but never took the time to make one of these.
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