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    Guys, I need help. I have a lvl 60 DH and I thought I was pretty good, but inferno seems impossible to me. I dont want to post all my specs, unless you want to know, but can someone just give me a rundown of a good DH build including skills and gear?? Would be greatly appreciated and all opinions are welcomed. Thanks.
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    Not enough info. What is your life, resists and damage? What skills are you using now? What act / part of inferno is giving you trouble?
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    Assuming act 2.

    Hungering arrow - Devouring arrow.
    <some powerfull secondary. Elemental Arrow - Lightning ball perhaps; or cluster arrow - Loaded for bear>
    Smoke Screen (or Shadow power - Gloom).
    Caltrops - Tortorus ground.
    Preperation - <whatever fits you>
    Companion - Bat /or/ Multishot - Broadside /or/ Spike Trap - Long fuse.

    Maybe this will work. Plenty of threads on this forum :)... Check page two on the index as well maybe? :)
    Best of Luck.
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