Trap Assasinesque Build

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    So, i wanted to know if anyone has used a build similar to this one here. Im at work so i cant link a proper build, and before anyone flames my demon hunter is not lvl 60 and i am not saying this will work in inferno. But! I do think that it could be a fun idea to play around with.... seeing how i personally am playing this game for fun.

    So, key point here is i want to know if anyone can link me a build that would utilize the balistics passive ability (rocket dmg increased by 50%). I was definitely thinking the sentry ability with the rocket passive for sure because it looks freaking awesome. And i like the ability so far. I also wanted to have a trap assasin type feel with the spike trap and caltrops.

    Ill take any build ideas as my dh is less than 30 at the moment anyhow.
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    Shamelss bump here. Any thoughts ladies and gents?
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    demon-hunter#UcYTki!TYh!YbZZaY - Since I cannot link anything, due to the 10post rule, copy/paste that onto the standard calculator on blizzards own page.

    Basically, you want rockets, but in order for it to work properly, before inferno (where it didn't work to well for myself), you need lots of hatred generation and something to slow down mobs with.

    Entangling shot / grenades of some sort. I've chosen grenades with stun in that build.
    Rapid fire - Rockets! Guess this is the only ability that really gives the Bonus talent ... Proper bonus.
    Caltrops - To slow down things that will want to eat your face :).
    Bat companion - For ekstra Hatred.
    Sentry - Spitfire Turret.
    Strafe - Rocket storm. Actually havent tried rocket storm since... A long time ago. Alternatively, you could take Multishot with Arsenal. Might actually work better.

    I doubt you can use it in inferno, but you can surely use it until Act 3 on Hell. I used rapidfire until then, because I thought it looked awesome. Imo.
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    there are very few (if any at all) inferno builds that utilizes ballistics, because other passives (e.g. steady aim) gives u a bigger dmg boost, even on the rocket skills. kinda sad rly
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    Thats awesome, thanks for the input guys. I think i will be able to make a build work out at least into hell mode and see what happens. I do appreciate the advice and input.
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    Sadly the sentry does godawflu dmg.

    I hope to see a buff in 1.1 since this was a trap/sentry build was something I hoped I could do myself. :l

    Looking for EU people to team up with - ( Only top of the line players from EU )
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