Stepping away from Sharp Shooter and Hungering Arrow

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    Didn't get a chance to play last night, went to the bar instead.

    Definitely trying tonight and going to play around with entangling.
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    I'm using the following build with a few variants depending on what I'm doing...!Yec!ZcZYcY

    My gear isnt amazing since I'm only progressed about mid way through Act 2 inferno, but I can still pump out 35k dps without SS. Personally, If my math is right, once you get up around ~25-30% crit, SS' benefit diminishes DRASTICALLY. At that point, Shock Collar's damage becomes a pretty substantial portion of your dps. Also, the healing from NT and Shadow Power is just absurd. I can go from 1% back to full in a matter of seconds, I used to run Caltrops / HA, but after getting used to this build, I probably wont go back.
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