Which gear should I invest in next?

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    From the picture (with SS), which gear should I buy next? I have only 300k right now... so bored farming gold.

    Already cleared Act 1 and now try questing act 3 (skip act2).

    Thanks for your help.

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    A 1.2k DPS crossbow, or ~1k DPS with a socket.

    Your weapon should be your first large purchase, it makes the biggest difference. I was using a 1k DPS Crossbow and upgraded to a 1.2k one (a steal at 2.8 mil). I gained almost 10k tooltip DPS.
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    Is xbow a lot slower than bow?
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    Quote from beTaTH

    Is xbow a lot slower than bow?

    They are slower, but usually provide more DPS. If you're really stuck on using a bow you can, just buy the best weapon you can afford. It's your biggest upgrade by a mile.

    EDIT: You have more than enough DPS to do Siegebreaker runs. Do them and AH the good stuff. Get 2-3 mil, and buy a nice weapon that you won't have to upgrade for a while.
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    Even if you dont get tonnes of money from SB runs, it drops decent weapons. I got a 1008xbow from Underbridge yesterday, and going from ~1001 xbow to 1008 it added a surprising amount of dps. SB is goooooood.
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    After sorting your weapon, you might want to stick another +15% Attack Speed ring on in place of The Lash.

    Blizzard are probably nerfing Attack speed (see 1.0.3 design preview) but nothing finalised yet, so the benefit may be short-lived depending how they do the change.
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    Thank you everyone! Really appreciate the helps :)
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