DH with high DPS post your equipment and builds

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    Sorry Image was too big to upload straight to the forums.
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    Quote from Rino

    I have like 40k dps without and 93k with sharpshooter. Using a 2h crossbow so my attack speed is really low, only like 1.7 even though I use 2 rings and gloves with +%IAs. Lower attack speed feels weird, but as long as the dps is high it doesn't really matter.

    Using this build: http://eu.battle.net...YVdX!YTV!YcZcbb

    This is by far the best alround-build I played so far. Nether Tentacles as both AoE and single target DPS and hungering for hatred reg are usually enough. That leaves 4 spots open for tactical abilities. Although you don't always need all the defensives, I often find myself spamming those in Inferno. The 2 sec root makes Caltrop useful against any target, even very fast enemies. Vault and Vanish are lifesavers, if you get in bad spots on inferno you will often need both of them to get out of there alive.
    Finally preparation as last resort.

    This build will work for almost every boss, too! Only bosses where your single target dps is too low might require picking up some skills to increase it, like that mark thingy.
    Can you re-show that spec on the US site, I hoped you could since I see you are typing in english here perfectly fine, I can obviously see what abililties but can't make out what runes you used.
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    Using this setup right now:

    The DPS shown is without Sharpshooter, as you can see by the 26.5% crit chance. My burst DPS with sharpshooter is up at 166k.
    Spike Traps - Scatter
    Elemental Arrow - Nether Tentacles
    Smoke Screen - Lingering Fog (I use Displacement when I use Tactical Advantage, because who doesn't love moving ridiculously fast?)
    Preparation - Backup Plan
    Hungering Arrow - Devouring Arrow
    Caltrops - Jagged Spikes

    Sharpshooter (not used in photo)
    Steady Aim

    This is the build that works best for me. Spike Traps is the highest dps per time/hatred skill when used correctly such as in choke points. Without choke points, I just turn sideways when I place the traps, so 3 appear in a straight line along the enemies' path. Damage caltrops can be replaced with another skill you like, but I'd recommend Caltrops - Torturous Ground. Personally I much prefer the damage of 5x Caltrops stacked, with 3 spike traps on top of them before pulling elites. Drops them to 50% instantly in A3 and A4.
    Vit and allres is nearly worthless to me, as you have to sacrifice too much DPS to get them. And even then, there's no functional difference between being 1 shotted or 2 shotted. You still have to avoid fucking up and getting hit.

    Screenshot with Sharpshooter activated:

    I'll be scanning the post for a while, if anybody has any questions.

    Edit: Just bought a new Quiver for 5 mill. New crit chance is 29%, dex is 2007. Unbuffed DPS now 90736.
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    What is your weapons DPS?
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    Where did you found that XBow ? I have Diablo on Inferno down, can farm Ponylvl and Act IV Champs/Uniques and I have yet to see such an High DPS weapon..
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    I've hit a bit of a wall in A2, and I'm wondering how you all came by so much gold. Do you just farm like madmen, or am I not playing the AH well enough? I can make about 50k from Butcher runs after I vendor all the shit gear that drops. Occasionally, I'll find some good gear that will actually sell for something, but I must just have terrible luck. Do you have any advice for making more money? After all, money = gear = DPS...

    I'll post my build and gear soon so you can scrutinize that.
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    Quote from kevinsyn

    Mother...of...God O_O
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    Quote from Demonhoarde

    Quote from kevinsyn

    Mother...of...God O_O
    Kevin may I ask whats your /played? I was at around 80k 2 weeks ago,but then got bored and quit. what are you mainly farming?
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    Quote from Zetox7

    Quote from Demonhoarde

    Quote from kevinsyn

    Mother...of...God O_O
    Kevin may I ask whats your /played? I was at around 80k 2 weeks ago,but then got bored and quit. what are you mainly farming?

    174 hours played only on my DH. A lot of time is spent afking too. Play a lot of AH.
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    The amulet in corner of inv is +40% MF but has nothing else. But ya, those are my stats and my so-so gear :P Im trying to find some upgrades but things are to the point of being several million each and im obviously too poor to afford them.
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    And this is what this gear is for:

    I should also be getting a belt today, that will bump my dps up by 100! and health up by to about 43-45k.
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