Glasscannon or Survivability?

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    I go with the glass cannon / magic find build. I have about 170mf with about 80k damage w/ SS. My glass cannon without magic find build is at 101k damage.

    I recommend just going glass cannon. I've never really seen a DH survive a hit unless you have ridiculous resist/hp which makes your damage ridiculously low.

    Glass cannon build for solo and team play.

    46k hp, 240-360 resists, 66k dmg without sharpshooter.
    I can take 1 hit from most mobs 2 from many in act3/4 (maybe not 2hits in act 4)
    Just try to balance them all out.

    the thing is, maybe if you go 4 pure dmg, you can kill them 50-100% faster. killing them faster there is less space 4 mistakes or just bad luck... so i dont think being a 2 hit target is worth loosing dmg :/

    not necessarily, you can find gear with excellent dps and also excellent survivality, the thing is.... That gear is very expensive, and in a lot of cases, selling that item will grant you the chance to increase your dps is your gear is bad...

    i know that there are these kind of +250dex +50 allres +200vit items... but who can afford them? :)
    i will rather sell such an item and get those 4 legendarys with ias and some nice dex only items and will be fine with my dps (but a 1-shot)...

    but in the future i will go back to those dps + surv items... but 4 now i absolutly can not afford it and in the AH are wayyyyy too less of these items for now.
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    Going with around 47k dmg without sharpshooter, 50k hp (dont know if this is too much tho) around 300 all resist.

    Damage seems good enough dont have any trouble killing mobs, i dont get one shotted most of the time i can take 1-3 hits eventho diablo sometimes one shots me and sometimes she doesnt.

    Gave away like 1k dmg yesterday coz i found a 1100 dmg weapon with life on hit + dmg converted to life to help with reflect damage.
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