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    Do pets like Sentry Turret or all the WD pets benefit from stats like crit, AS or bonus damage buffs?
    Do DoT's benefit from stats like crit or AS?
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    Quote from dr_AllCOM3

    Do pets like Sentry Turret or all the WD pets benefit from stats like crit, AS or bonus damage buffs?
    Do DoT's benefit from stats like crit or AS?

    Turret and pets benefit from damage buffs etc.

    DOT dmg is based on dps solely and since dps increases if you get more crit or ias dots will indirectly get stronger if you get more ias/crit.
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    Quote from GT4

    Quote from Antirepublican

    Quote from dr_AllCOM3

    Quote from GT4
    Just by the way, how are you calculating Hungering Arrow? After the open beta I'm not 100% sure but the pierces seem to actually mean it'll hit the same target again. Using that I arrived at 177% for the unruned variant and e.g. 230% for the Puncturing Arrow glyph. Assuming the rune works multiplicatively, that results in 284% for the Devouring Arrow glyph.

    Hungering Arrow does 115% damage baseline. With the rune you have a 50% chance to do double damage. So it's:
    damage * 1.15 * 1.5 = damage * 1.725

    Btw, I forgot the rune effect. HA+Impale does ok single target damage and you can fire all the time, if you use Vault.

    Chakram looks like a very cost effective AoE skill.

    But a DW crit mass-stun build seems to be very tempting for inferno. The Impale stun already works very well on the SK.
    Does Mark of Death (Mortal Enemy) work on AoE attacks? Marking a pack of elites could be nice.

    Ahh no, thats not even remotely close to how hungering arrow works....

    This one is correct as far as I know.

    I guess its a good thing you aren't sharing that dps calculator, cuz I'd hate to have to fix it.

    The Standard/Puncturing calculations in that thread match my calculations but the Devouring doesn't... let's take a look.
    Edit: Well, the thread autor just assumes the rune to work differently than I assume it to work like. We'll see when it's released.

    I also looked through other classes' single target ability generators and found Magic Missiles to have a 70% chance to pierce when runed with 110% base damage. If it works similarily to Hungering Arrow, that'd actually result in 367% weapon damage for a spammable generator. If you add buffs such as Magic Weapon, that'd easily result in more generator DPS than any DH rotation imaginable.

    The devouring arrow clearly says each consecutive puncture, so you cannot assume the 1st puncture acquires the dmg buff. However, it could just be worded poorly as many things often are in betas.
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    Your APS calculation is incorrect in the OP, it's really

    base APS * (1 + 0.15 for DW + bonus from gear + other bonuses like frenzy, shrine etc.)

    DoT damage for spammable DoTs is based on purely weapon damage. It also scales with APS via being able to spread the DoT to all monsters in range sooner with a fast weapon. So for large number of enemies, in total, spamming the DoT is based on weapon dps.

    If you look at it as 'damage per cast time', it's clear how this works.

    On the other hand, DoTs with a cooldown, such as Grasp of the Dead, are based on weapon dps, since it cannot be spammed to multiple locations.

    Critical strikes for DoTs do happen. The crit roll is made once per cast, and if it's a crit, the whole spell deals increased damage for the complete duration.

    Pets, summons, turrets do scale with weapon dps, since otherwise 2-handers would receive unfair advantage.

    A lot of this has been discussed and tested at the other forum. IIRC the good stuff begins about page seven.
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    Entangling shot is a great generator and the chain gang rune is pretty boss.

    I like hungering arrow and I think all the runes are pretty solid.

    Rapid fire is total boss mode. Actual gameplay use and theory crafting are 2 different things. I can say that having used rapid fire that I would much rather use that full time than hungering arrow. Rapid fire also has some fantastic runes. With web shot you can 80% perma slow a single strong enemy or splash a pack of mobs and keep them thoroughly slowed all from just using your main damaging skill.

    If you take the fire support rune combined with the ballistics passive rapid fire becomes an aoe attack averaging 150% aoe dps guaranteed to hit multiple enemies per second.....in rapid fire.

    High velocity turns rapid fire into a lawn mower with 40% piercing chance.

    Last, but not least bombardment turns the skill into a serious heavy hitter. Even if it only fire 1 grenade per second this makes the skill really strong for dps. If it fires more than one per second it goes into the stratosphere.
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    Adding onto the Rapid Fire talk, in theory if *every hit* of rapid fire would trigger the effects of a Marked for Death enemy with the Mortal Enemy rune (attacks against marked target generate 3 hatred, which is a veryyyyyyyy vague description atm), you could be looking at a massive extension of your rapid fire time. Depending on time extention it would outweigh any damage bonus gained from other rune usage of MfD in any longer fight (boss, high health champs/rares, etc).

    Apologies if that's already been debunked, but I haven't seen anything indicating otherwise.
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    I wouldnt even try calculating something like this.. id say its impossible at this stage lol
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    I suspect triggers work on 'per cycle' basis for Rapid Fire, that is each 'on hit' effect works once per 1 / APS seconds, the time based on which damage and resource use of channeled spells is calculated.
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