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    Hello there fellow Diablo 3 fans! :d3d:

    I've been quite inactive around the whole Diablo 3 "movement" for awhile now and I basically wanted to ask you guys some questions about the demon hunters!

    Let me start off by saying that I know about the problems this class had in the past and how Blizzard had to tinker with it a bit more. I remember that lot of people were not really impressed by it and were complaining how the class might not be comparable with the other ones (*cough* monks *cough*).

    Recently I've seen videos of DHs, which are pretty well done and showed me a different, more fun, side of the class. (high damage output :P ) I started liking it a lot more now and I'm actually thinking about switching my main to a dh when the game's finally released!

    So, while we try to waste time and forget that we're all eagerly awaiting a release date -->

    What do you lot think about the demon hunter class - is it still gimped or is it already parallel with the others?
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    DPS is the only thing that will make me play DH.
    I do not like that class very much. It feels wrong when I play him/her since Im use to get close into action, with this class Im "afraid" of clicking..

    Edit: So Yeah, DH is a very variable class, since its so diffrent from Monk/Barbarian so more people can play the game ;)

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    I'm still wondering how level 60 wizard and demon hunter damage will turn out...right now I see people doing these videos killing SK for 0.5 seconds or so, which is a complete joke :D
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    Yeah, I hope they finetune all classes, not to be picky but if I find out I have the "worst class" once I reach lvl 60, I dont feel that Diablo is fun anymore.. But then again, I never played Paladin in D2, and many said he was the BEST.

    But casters are usually out of reach, it should be logical they survive longer.. So I think melee characters should have better DPS.

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    ive loved the demon hunter since they first announced it. the assassin was by far my favorite class in D2, being dark and shadowy. bowazons were second because ive always had a facination with bows, and abilities like multishot and guided arrow were just kickass. the demon hunter combines shadow and bows, but now you can dual wield the bows. KICKASS

    its the only class that ive made a serious build for on the calculator, spending a lot of time working on, and reading into. its my most watched class for beta footage. there is some stuff i wish would change though, like impale going back to its original big bow blast as opposed to some random dagger. ruined the skill for me, when it was one of my favorites at the announcement
    (this build was before D3 launched... looking back on it now - i had no idea what i was doing)
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    Yeah, demon hunter has a lot of potential as of recently! Problem of the whole story in D3 will be balancing again I think :D
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    My favourites was Assassin and Barbarian. I love anti-heroes, dark ones. I used Assassin in close-combat and traps. Never as a long-range character in D2.

    D3 should be patched until every class is equal, thats my request.

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    I almost always play with a ranged physical classes if I can, so I look forward playing with the DH. A few months ago, when I first saw the weak DH in the beta, and then the introduction of resource generators, I gave up on the class, but with the recent, smaller changes I feel like starting with her again. However, I still think, that the resource problem could've been fixed with a different solution, rather than mimicking the barb/monk.
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    After playing through the beta and looking at their skills/runes, I feel like DH is going to be the highest mobility/DPS class at the expense of pure survivablity. Wizards can become tanky and melee oriented and Witch Doctors have their pets and lots of damage reduction passives... just my 2 cents
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