Akarat's Awakening from Kadala?

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    I find it hard to believe that you didn't get even one legendary from that many shards, unless you are referring to the actual upgrades over your other items rather than to legendaries.

    Found yellow upgrades and no legendary. I spend most of them on shields for my crusader and have yet to see anything. Like i said im pretty certain by now that this game simply does not wish to target my demographic, i dont think id be able to farm 80k blood shards like some people here until next year.

    I just think its a weird argument that the only reason i dont enjoy the current gameplay with really no alternative is because i only want instant gratification, i dont like a challenge or im the new generation of gamers. I use to beat Ninja gaiden on the SNES when i was a teenager, im pretty sure i know what a challenge is. Diablo series was never challenging, its not what its about, random drop is not a skill to be earned or a challenge to be beat, its not challenging. Its just there, but in its current form its not something i can see myself enjoying without feeling im wasting most of the little time i can put into it.

    Mabye it is for some people here, but clearly the franchise is gone to a new place far from my demographic at this point. The problem i have is i was probably a diablo fan before many here with the original and clearly the series is not meant for me now, it didnt have to.
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