Heavenly Strength -- Lets talk about it.

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    I'd rather they removed HS and made crusader shields give damage... or change the penalty to a flat our damage nerf then remove ask penalties
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    Quote from Samurro
    Quote from Laokin
    Heavenly Strength:
    1 Handed - 18% increased damage
    2 Handed - Removes the movement speed penalty

    it actually becomes a viable shield, whereas right now -- it's useless, since you'd definitely be better off with Akarat's Awakening.

    You just made a must have passive and told us on top totally bullshit. Hellskull is not viable right now? I see...

    Holy christ, I tried to read your second comment. I can't even grasp on what you are trying to say, get your shit together and stop playing Crusader if you feel so bad doing so.

    I actually read through all this bs. You REALLY are saying that a barb equipping a shield has MORE survivabilty, just by equipping that shield, than a crusader? Can you list me please any skill, besides that goddamn terrible passive, a barbarian has which does SOMETHING with the shield?! (when we look at numbers and calculate for a blockchance of a good shield with 30%, this means all this barbarian got from equipping that shield is a lousy mitigation mechanic allowing him to block ~5k dmg of 30% of all the hits made against him)

    Can you please confirm that you actually think this makes a barbarian superior defensivewise compared to a crusader having a shield?

    Barb- Tough as Nails, 25% extra armor. From shield as well. 600 extra armor on good shield. Also, generate 6 rage per blocked attack. Granted, its not too much of a bonus, but thats still 25% extra armor from the shield.

    Crusader- more procs here. 30% increased block chance with 4 enemies. Armor increased by block chance. No dodge, but 15% increased block chance. Block chance increase by 1.5% second until you block. Not to mention many abilities that increases block chance/amount. So, yea, if a barb equips a shield, he gains very little benefit. OPs point that if a crusader does NOT have a shield on, he becomes a squishy mofo.

    OPs point is that there really is only ONE weapon style viable to crusaders, it REQUIRES a passive slot, and makes you move 10% slower. That would be like requiring a passive to use sources/mojos on Wiz/WD, but you have 10% longer CDs on your abilities, or a barb/monk requires a passive to dual wield but you take 10% extra damage from attacks while dual-wielding. If you want to do max damage, you take that perk, simple as that.

    In addition, Crusaders are balanced 100% around having a shield. Besides the fact that if you DON'T have a shield you can't use ability, you also A) take significantly more damage then a crusader without a shield (At LEAST 3x, if not signficantly more), do less damage then a crusader without a shield (Less strength+other stats), C) can't use 4 of the 18 available passives to crusaders. Only BAD Crusaders DON'T take Heavenly Strength. ONLY bad crusaders use anything BUT a 2 handed weapon+shield.

    So yea. Crusaders are pretty much stuck to one weapon style- 2 handed+shield. In addition, they move 10% slower then everyone else. That is what the current Heavenly Strength is. OPs suggestion is a very good one, but let me add- If you equip a 2 handed weapon without a shield, you gain 30% increased armor, regenerate 1% life/sec, and move 5% faster. Thus, you can go without a shield- you will do less damage, and be less tanky due to no block chance, but you don't get gibbed cuz no shield, and as an added benefit you move faster then ppl with a shield.
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    Why are you comparing excellent 1H to a mediocre 2H?

    You really need great rolls on 1H to achieve such numbers. And I had 2H with more than 3,000.

    And why on earth are people so offensive in this thread. I can't belive that with internet around for so many years, people do not comprehend that there is ALWAYS somebody who's smarter and better at everything we do. But he/she just doesn't bother to post his shit on forums.

    OP commented on something. There are some people who can add to his comment in civilized way, and some who don't really grasp the idea of a forum (which is exchanging ideas, not shouting at eachother and trying to show off).

    Also, saying that majority wants this or that, is extremely stupid. Noone (not even blizzard) knows what majority wants, beacuse majority is not wasting time to post on forums. Majority of the vocal ones might have a bias towards 'nerf/buff', but that's about it.

    I believe that game would gain more, if blizzard reworked this silly passive. Giving 2H from the go, and buffing 1H for Crusader is a way to go in my opinion. It increases weapons choice and allows for more variety in builds. I hope they'll go through with that. It just makes an average class, a little bit more convenient to play.
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    Well it's clearly atm not the most must have passive compared to other classes, facts speak for themselves (comparing HC, it is high on SC but I don't play SC);

    WD: Spirit Vessel 90.28%

    MO: One with Everything 83.86%

    WZ: Unstable Anomaly 81.01%

    CU: Heavenly Strength 79.47%

    DH: Perfectionist 76.69%

    BA: Unforgiving 58.65%

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    Well HC is different. You care about survival and survival only. It's no wonder that Spirit Vessel is on top. Especially since it also reduces CD for some skills.

    I could bet that it's more popular on lower difficulty levels, because all it does is increasing damage (plus some minor stat gains...), whereas top three gives you tremendous amounts of toughness or even 'second life'.
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    I agree with OP. To give you poweful ability, but that makes you to stay away from coop games is just stupid. I believe this passive should work like "You can use 2h but overall damage is reduced by 10%", and I believe it will be changed that way soon. So you will need to actually think is it worth picking - from "must have" it will become "i need to consider".
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    I just think that Blizzard need to balance 2h vs 1h a lot. HS is only one problem. There are so many other problems with 2h vs 1h (dual wield or off hand)
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