5bn to spend. Need some advice

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    I posted this on the other forums and thought I'd do one here to get a broader range of opinions, I have about 5bn gold to spend to upgrade my Barbarian I would like some advice on the best way to spend thismoney. I shall state my unbuffed stats:

    234k DPS
    39k Life
    614 All resist
    Crit Chance - 60%
    Crit Damage - +647%
    Life Steal - 5.6% with Passive

    Any help is greatly appreciated : ))).

    Thanks in advance.
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    I would say the main stat you are in need of is vit you would be able to get some more hp rather easy from a few items.

    Shoulders - craft vit shoulders, great roll for vit and str.
    Belt - your witching hour is rather low on str and is missing either vit or life %.
    Gloves - If you want to stick with IK gloves you could lose the all-res and get str-attack speed-vit rolls.
    Neck - Down the line you might want to craft one with the same stats but with vit/life % instead of thorns.

    I would also suggest you switch the gem in your helm for an amethyst and after that upgrade your rubys :)

    That should bring you up to the correct Hp for farming mp10, after that you can look into DPS upgrades.
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    Sell it all. Go to the bar.
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    Shoulders - Craft a new pair. VIT best way to go for your build, but crafting strength will yield faster result.

    Gloves - Craft better main stat gloves. Trifecta gloves will help a ton.

    Rings - Try a Unity with Crit dam 40% - Much more dps. Just keep your WW break point high enough with attack speed.

    Ammy - Get your craft on, and get something better. I would say 200 or less crafts will yield a solid upgrade.

    Helm- Get 9% with 5crit or higher. You have the gold and can sell your old one.

    Boots - Although you may not need the movement speed, look for a pair that has more strength and MS. If you cant get VIT also, socket an amethyst.

    O/H - Look for something similar with VIT or STR (VIT being Cheaper). Remember you can always sell pieces you have upgraded.

    Chest - Find similar chest with higher STR and 800+ armor - You may need to sacrifice some VIT but a 180/250 should go for about 1b- maybe less

    Upgrade gems.

    Keep in mind that when you PARAGON 100 you will have ~170 more VIT. I would aim for 60k+ life and 550 AR with 6500 Armor
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    Many thanks for the response there!
    I've updated some gear. Please have a look and let me know how to further my character. Still about 3'ish bn left : ). I primarily focused on getting my Health up.
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    Quote from JKlimek

    Sell it all. Go to the bar.

    And buy what? two and a half pint?
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    why do you want to buy gear if you dont play the game at all ? I see from you profile that you play only AHgame so dont bother buing anything..
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    I wouldnt buy new gear until Loot 2.0 if I was you, keep your gold or invest in something that will make you profit.
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    Wouldnt it be a good idea to switch the EF to your offhand. Slashing crux have a higher weapon dmg and you will have mobs flee much less if you dont use your EF in your main hand. Furthermore get rend instead of War cry.
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