From monk to barb! Need some gear advices! (~1b budget)

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    Hello, i decided to switch my monk for barb, i would like to go dw, since i have good weapon thx to my monk. But still i need to know what to aim for. I have 1b to spend on gear.
    Here is link to my barb , he doesnt have any good gear, i just dinged 60.
    I also have few questions, its better to go for Mempo without CC or good IK helm and get IAS on other gear?
    What kind of EF should i buy? High dmg socket str and 0,25 or mb + CHD?
    Its my first barb so please be gentle with me lol:).
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    Looking at your barb it's evident you know what gear to get, and you already have good gear. One thing to consider is that when you use sprint/WW, roughly 75% of your damage will be coming from your sprint tornadoes, which only use the mainhand for damage calculations (but offhand weapon decides tick speed). The in-game displayed dps (aka paper dps) isn't a very good indication of how much damage your tornadoes will do. In other words, for tornadoe damage it's more important that the offhand be fast (obviously an echo is fast) and have crit damage than high dps. Upgrading your offhand to a similar echo with socket and crit dmg will obviously be horribly expensive, but even without an increase in paper dps your torndoes will do a lot more damage from this one single change. However with our current gear that money is most likely spent elsewhere.

    You are also right about 6% CC IK helm > non-CC mempo. Only thing is that the mempo has resist all as standard affix, but you can often get enough resist from other gear pieces, plus the IK helm has decent melee dmg reduction. Some opinion about what I consider to be your weaker pices of gear:

    1) chest: it won't be too expensive to upgrade to an IK chest with similar stats but with 50 more vit and 100-150 more armor. Always look for high armor on the IK chest (it goes up to 850). Your total armor (just over 5k) is on the low side.

    2) pants: you are getting decent str from these, but the total base stats (str+vit) is only 104. Getting good str/vit Inna pants is very expensive, I recommend going for non-str and high vit. Since a vit roll goes up to 200 it's easier to get more total base stats from pure vit pants, and it's much cheaper. Sure you'll loose a bit of str, but you can get that from other gear slots (see crafting below) and you'll gain something on the order of 130 vit. Since you have a lot of gear with % life (total of +56%) this means about 7k more hp.

    3) neck: yours is trifecta, but with medium CD, medium str, no average dmg and realy low (5%) CC, plus 2 wasted rolls (mf, lightning resist). CC is your most important stat to get, so you should keep crafting necks until you get one that's better. You'll get 100 more str as standard form a crafted str neck anyway. In my experience a high CC bifecta neck with some average damage will most often beat a trifecta neck. The same holds true for rings, and on rings you seem to be following that policy already.

    4) bracers: yours are good, but you can craft better. You'll get 60-ish more str as standard, and potentially 150 more str with good rolls. Hard part is getting that along with both CC, resist and vit, so you are most likely best off using those essences crafting necks instead. Your shoulders and gloves are realy good (and in the long run if you get mempo you will want IK gloves anyway) so best is to use all those essences to get a good neck, and after that go for bracers.

    Other than the above your main priority should be gaining paragon, which you obviously also seem to be good at :)
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    Thanks for ur reply! Yes i didnt want to waste much gold on amu and bracers, since now i am crafting them. But i needed IAS on amu.
    I found nice ik chest with high vit and armor ( wasnt cheap :D but i could afford it) and i bought 168 vit inna pants, i lost some dmg but 7k hp is worth it i guess.
    Now i am going to grind DE and Paragon lvles, thx for ur advice!
    I got lucky(i guess) and crafted nice amu!
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