viable IK weap rend build

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    So I was messing around with the 'moldran rend/ww' build as a friend told me its superior at low budget (im poor) and I remembered the 'De1337er' build by ErlendOlsen who was trying to figure out an alternative to 'Into the Fray' when perma-wotb was looking to get nerfed. This build uses Battle Rage - Blood Shed and a Mighty Weap in conjunction with weapon master for insane fury gen.

    I was testing out a decent rare mace as there were no comparable skorns on AH at the time cheap enough for testing purposes. But after remembering about the Bloodshed build I checked out IK weaps and saw how high the dmg rolls on those. I have not done research on proper gearing/itemization for the rend build but my friend mentioned that CD is not necessary and since IK weap can only roll 1 prop anyway I just filtered for LS and found a bunch of cheap ones with comparable weap dmg to higher end skorns.

    Before I was running wwsprint and farming mp7 but without overpower as I still needed warcry to survive. With rend and swapping a few pieces dropped my paper dps like 40k but I am able to run Brawler and farm mp10 white mobs considerably faster than my wwsprint gear because of having an extra 2-2.5% LS from IK belt + 2H as well as a much more consistent proc rate from rend and bloodshed ticks.

    Not sure if its even more efficient for me to farming mp10 white mobs as I dont 1shot them with crit rend but it was a nice change of pace and I get to use an IK weap

    Also this build could potentially be built on an extremely low budget just focusing on str/cc/avgdmg and even being able to use IK weap to get 5set bonus leaving out one of the most expensive slots for a crafted/cheaper rare.
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    Sounds a bit weird to me. Rend needs CHD, it doesn't need AS. However Bloodshed needs high APS and you won't get that with a 2h weapon. Even dual wielders should have big amounts of AS on most gear pieces for Bloodshed to work properly.

    Whatever works for you man, i don't mean to tell you how to play, but the word viable needs definition here, because in general, i would call almost any random build viable nowadays. I wouldn't call a 2h mighty rend build effective.

    Also, the 'good roll' on IK weapon is close to 200% CHD, if you must use it.
    Glad you're having fun with you build though :)
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