3b budget. Mid-tier help?

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    Hi guys, I've got 3b to spend and I'm having a few problems with gearing!

    I'd like to be able to solo MP10 keywardens/ubers, and alternatively speedy trash farming when I feel like power levelling. I'll be playing a WW/RLTW barb like everyone else of course.

    I'm going to be using 1h's, unless it's a lot more beneficial to use a 2h (Skorn).

    I've got a few questions to ask, like whether or not I should use Depth Diggers or Inna's Temperance, Lacuni Prowlers or Crafted Str Bracers, Tyrael's Might or IK Chest or Crafted Str Archon chest, whether or not I should strive to maintain IK's 2 piece for the resists, whether just 1 weapons worth of life steal is enough to sustain myself while spinning around.

    Also I'd like to know if the 24% MS is overrated.


    So for any help, thanks in advance!

    P.S. Gear atm is just what I had for the moment, not representative of necessarily anything I'm going to use when geared.
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    A few things need to be mentioned before we start. I understand that people have a right to choose what they do, but farming trash and ignoring elites is dumb and has a much much lower requirement for gear. Don't fool yourself and think you're special enough to find that 5000€ legendary item and sacrifice a very strong way of progressing your character (essences).

    The current build you have (ww/rend/overpower) only has the mobility part, you need to imbed HotA and Bash/Punish into the equation to bump the benefits of your gear from good to amazing. There is no point in min/maxing item and losing billions in the process if you aren't ready to use the abilities that scale best.

    To answer your questions:
    1. There really are no smart pants in this game for barbs. Inna's offer very strong stats for very little money but rare pants are also an option if you use a Tyrael's might which is the more expensive alternative but it does yields better results.
    2. It is very expensive to try to get items with all your prefered stats, you should stick to a few very defensive slots and then boost your damage as much as possible (chest, shoulders, bracers, head and boots). Lacunis do not have the offensive or defensive properties you desire.
    3. Barbs are the only class that have set gloves, and they happen to be very very good while not being irrationally expensive. Crafted amulets have incredible potential when crafted chests can only be slightly better than a IK chest, and because of the set bonus it just isn't smart to waste essences on archon armors.
    4. Without 5% life steal you will end up losing more health than you generate when fighting reflect packs that have one or more elemental damage dealing abilities which will slow you down. Crit dmg is also affected by diminishing returns so I think it's smarter to permanently free up a passive slot and get life steal on both weapons.
    5. Capping movement speed is a good idea. Not only does it increase the speed at which you clear zones but also helps you dodge projectiles and run away from banelings and similar things. You should always have it capped.
    PS. Ice climbers aren't good.
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