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[NECRO] Barb asking for gear advice ~100mil

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    After surfing this forum for quite a while, I decided to ask for advice.
    What should i do/buy/change to farm act3 on 4-5 mp or higher? Changing warcry to rend, boosting AR and possibly some other defensive stats as well as dps.
    Dont have much cash atm, hower I would apreciate any suggestions.
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    For dps i'd increase crit chance first, where ever possible (more on gloves, amulet). Not only will it increase dps, but fury generation too.

    Looks like you're missing movement speed. You could go Lacuni bracers with crit chance or Zunimassa boots with str + resists if you can live with the HP loss. You can always make up for it with Vit elsewhere.
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    Thanks for a quick answer.
    Is it worth dropping str for crit? And what stat priority dps wise is? Crit,crit dmg, str, as? Should i look for items with as on them or i could limit my search with str,crit,crit dmg?
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    There is no static stat priority, rather some guidelines* that you can stick to losely. If you want to exactly calculate and/or compare how much dps you gain per stat, use a site like or similar. Import your character and on the right hand side there are some statistics. Check 'DPS gains by stat' and input values you want to compare. When working with AS, take breakpoints into account.

    First of all, make sure your critical hit chance (CHC) is high enough, since your fury generation is depending on it and your crit dmg is not as effective with low CHC. Try to get about 50% if possible.
    Crit damage is very dependant on crit chance, for obvious reasons. For best dps result the ratio would be 10:1 (for example 50% CHC, 500% CHD). It's rarely so precise when gearing - don't try to be, but now you can see, that you are a bit behind on CHC.

    AS is important for RLTW breakpoints, you can read about them here: http://www.diablofan...ency-mechanics/
    , but not every build is dependant on them. Skorn/rend WW barbs tend to skip AS and max out CHC+CHD instaed, because rend doesnt benefit from AS. Dual wielding WW barbs care about breakpoints a lot more. HotA doesn't exactly need AS, but it's very welcome. You kinda need to figure out what build you want to play before you adress AS.
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    Just look at my barb barrybondz#1111 us she's the alphamale
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    Please, don't necro old threads.
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