another "what can i do to improve my barb?"

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    Hi there,

    So i've got bored with my monk leveling onwards 100 and i don't know waht to do until 1.0.8 comes out so i was gearing a barb from my drops + crafts towards the WW build

    But i dunno if my gear is the problem or my hand skills on the buttons i can't seem to keep wotb up for more than it's normal cd, i'm usually around half way.

    can anyone give me some advice in this matter?

    i've already watched streams and videos about this build which got me so far in the first place but i seem to have a different problem:

    i'm quite always at full fury and then my wotb goes to waste, i'm trying to spend it with sprint and battle cry, but then i usually over waste it and i get left with no mobs thus no fury generation.

    i tried switching between animosity and unforgiving, so far animosity got me the furthest with wotb upkeep.

    also i can't find my ideal MP level to farm, went from 2 to 6, i'm comofortable farming all of them but i can't figure out which one is perfect in terms of speed and fury management.

    can anyone look at my barb dps, crit chance and all the important stats for this build and tell me some advices in regards to what MP i should try and if it's only my skills missing or something in the build/gear isn't right?

    Thank you loads in advance :)

    here's my barb:

    P.S. got around 100 mils budget if any items need changing.
    "Fighting for peace is like for virginity"

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    bump? no help there?
    "Fighting for peace is like for virginity"

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