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    Been lurking these forums for a while now, reading and learning all kinds of different things, and it's been quite fun! I used to main my Monk, but after having geared up my Barbarian a bit more it's been so much more fun. I'm currently a big fan of the WW/Rend build, as I feel I've got very good DPS at the same time as very good survivability. I haven't really given WW/HotA or Rend/HotA much chance yet, but I intend to. At the moment, though, I'm looking for an upgrade, and I'm wondering what would be best for me at my current gear and with the build I'm using.

    I've got a good IK belt lying around, but with Bloodthirst I haven't really needed it. I can do MP7 quite comfortably, with the occassional death due to nasty affix combinations. I've thought about maybe getting a new Skorn, but with LS, so I can drop Bloodthirst and get Brawler instead. Thoughts? I also want to craft better Bracers and an Amulet, but I haven't gotten around to it quite yet. I've also thought about getting a Witching Hour.

    Well, as you can see I'm not quite sure what I should aim for. Do you guys have some tips? Thanks in advance!
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    I think you've got a pretty good idea what to work on. Your bracers are probably ok for now, so I'd focus on crafting amulets. You'd also benefit from a better ring than that Hellfire. As you push MP toward 10, reflect damage mobs will probably give you trouble without more lifesteal and getting it all from weapons allows you to run a non-IK belt and get brawler, as you said.

    Mostly, I think you just need to play around with a calculator and see what various upgrades could do for you. I'm more familiar with the one at, but other people like Pay attention to the tDPS number as far as Sprint tornadoes go, btw.
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    Okay, thanks! I'm definitely thinking of getting an LS Skorn and a Cold damage SoJ now and replace Bloodthirst with Brawler. I read in that Brawler seems to have some kind of delay, though, and that it might not be as useful as one would like. What are you guys' experiences with Brawler? Is there another passive I might benefit from taking instead of Brawler?
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    I haven't noticed a delay with Brawler, but I haven't really looked for one either. I'll check it out tonight and see. I did notice a pretty large increase in my killing speed when I equipped Brawler initially, but it's not like I was killing KD2 MP10 white mobs in under 2 seconds.

    If not Brawler, I think you're probably looking at Superstition or Boodthirst in order to increase DPS on gear, but I don't know that it'd be much better. Other than that, maybe BoBK to increase WotB uptime in cases where it falls off if you are doing multi-zone runs.
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    Have you considered getting Inna's Temperance with Vitality (instead of Strength) and switching some of your purple gems to red? When I was shopping for Inna's that allowed me to reach my EHP and DPS goals for a cheaper price.
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    I think you may have me sold on the Brawler delay. It seems to delay a couple of seconds on activating and falls off easily. This is not good when spinning as it's too easy to move out of range of mobs for a moment. I feel a little bad now because I've been recommending it pretty highly, but then again, I'm not sure it's a lot worse than other options. It still does add damage, which is what we need most, just not as much as we might wish. Optimal for dual-wield WW might be 1 LL + Bloodthirst so that you can stack extra crit and strength on the other weapon, but I'm not sure how huge of a difference it will make. For Skorn, it might be worth going Bloodthirst + LL belt, but only if you could really stack on some extra crit / min-max damage / vit (to free up other slots for DPS) by doing so since you'd have to replace the DPS loss from the Witching Hour.
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