Switching from selfound to AH Barb

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    Some time back i quit the game, and gave all my gold and gear away to a couple of friends.

    I have started playing my self found barb again. But i donĀ“t feel the need to be self found anymore. http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/kongen-2477/hero/78748

    Currently i can survive pretty much any elite pack on MP10, but my dps is obviously way to low to play on that power level.

    Any advice on what gear i could change relatively cheap? Since i gave my gold away, i only have around 500k left now (Crafted shoulder and bracers) and slowly accumulation more gold

    Any advice is welcome :)
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    I'm not a big expert in that price range, but the main thing I notice is that you have more lifesteal than you need. I'm not sure you can afford a decent Witching Hour, so you could think about swapping your off-hand for an EF with crit damage until you can. Once you can afford a decent WH, you'll probably want an EF with a socket and lifesteal, and probably an IK chest piece to make up for the lost 3-set bonus from the belt.

    Also, you aren't getting the full damage bonus you could be from Zunimassa's due to your main-hand weapon having an elemental bonus. If you get a similar damage-range black weapon (a weapon with only physical damage), you'll get a slightly bigger boost from the Zunimassa's.

    Skill-wise, try to dump Warcry for HotA:Smash if you want to boost damage vs. elites. Brawler can also be a big help if you can also survive without Superstition. Also, most people find the Hurricane rune to be much superior to the Dust Devils rune for WW, so I'd give that a try.
    ...and if you disagree with me, you're probably <insert random ad hominem attack here>.
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    Just don't. You will stop playing in like 2 Weeks...
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    Quote from Hadley88

    Just don't. You will stop playing in like 2 Weeks...

    i am fully capable of judging what i find fun myself.

    Thanks for the advice Tanis
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    With 500k you can't really do much of anything so go farm. The most obvious problem is that your gems are only flawless squares and they are probably the only thing you can afford to upgrade.
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