1.5bil need advice

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    So basically i want to upgrade something so i can tackle maybe mp8+ right now i can do it just but die quite quickly to rare mobs i would like to farm comfortably and i'd like to stay the dual wield ww barb i have 1.5bil at my disposal, any advice much appreciated, thanks :)
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    How do you get that much gold and dont know what gear is good for you ?

    I'll help you for a 10th of your gold ^^
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    its called getting lucky with a drop ;) i know what is good for me but not quite as intricate as someone more experienced, i dont know the best way to go, should i drop some life on hit for extra resists should i get more life on hit somewhere else, i am just unsure about these things and alike that would help me.
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    I wanna be the very best, and search for pokémon!
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    I spent approximately 800-900 mils for this barb http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/mikekoro-2683/hero/16581217 and I can farm MP8 easily. I aslo can do MP10 without dying at all but it just takes time to kill those extra health elites so its not really worth it.

    1. You can easily get 130-140 AR by just replacing your Witching Hour with Tribal Binding (up to 80AR) and getting the set bonus (60AR).

    2. I would also replace some of your pieces and try to squeeze more strength. It is not going to be pricey at all: you could simply get new Mempo with smth like 250 Str (I got mine for 30 Mil), Chest (I have 180 Str and 130 vit for approx 30-40 Mil), Set Belt (264 Str for smth like 40), Unity (154 Str with some nice Average Damage and Crit Damage for 50 Mil)

    3. You might also check rare pants with some insane amount of vitality and AR and Armor and 2 sockets on it. I got mine for less than 50 mill and the stats are great: 224 Vit + 208 Str... However you have +12% so it might be actually better in terms of HP....

    4. Your amulet is decent but not great. I got mine for 20 mil and it gave me +10k DPS.

    P.S. To state the obvious: if I had 1.5 Bil I wouldnt spend it all at once.
    My Barb (p100,300k unbuffed) /// Newborn Monk
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    Thanks for this great advice, so you think drop the life on hit for some resist and this will be fine?
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    Luiquao profile is a good guide ... but IMO replace pant with inna and craft bracer

    or maybe my glasscannon profile http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/I82-6462/hero/31213977 ... you just need mempo and IK chest for more survivability
    Enjoying my Monk DH Barb and Wizzard
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    1,5B will do more than enough for MP10 farm, I spend around 650 700M on my barb check him out.
    Dont spend all out in a small amount of time, because you will end up overpaying for things you didn't even want.

    Also I have to mention. If you want to farm paragon and/or legendaries I suggest a Skorn rend/ww build and tear down white mobs in Keep Depts lvl 2.
    But ofcourse many ppl find it boring after a while like myself, you wont be killing elites and even if you do it will be annoying and will take long with the skorn/rend.
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    Thanks for the help guys i have had some great steals on the AH

    i havnt had time to try it out yet lost a little bit of resist gained alot of damage and gained some LoH i am thinking now maybe to spend abit of money on a witching hour with resist and high str aswell as a lacunni with resist, what you guys think, only spent around 100m so far.

    394 resist is what i have right now
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    If you can live with only farming like keeps 2, Fields of slaughter and rakkis you can see my hero here:

    I used to duel wield with high attack speed. With skorn and this build i got 514k sheet dps and elites are melting with stone of jordan and i still got over 3.300 strengh with SOJ on and very high crit. I used to just trash mp10, but now i run mp9 and killing elites since they die very fast and it is more fun. Rend and the small amount of lifesteal/hit gives me no problems surviving. If i switch back to duel wielding again ill go for Echo with lifesteal as offhand and use rare mace/axe mainhand and go a ww build with hota and overpower killing spree. That build do not require any fury generator after you got WOTB up and running with over 80% crit with killing spree up full time.

    My gear is not that expensive and the craftet bracers with over 318 strengh, 178 vit and 5,5 crit gives alot of freedom for other pieces even without all resist since i can take some initial beating with the health i got. If it ever should be a problem i can by new IK boots with more stamina.
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