I'm Playing my Barb and She Says:

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    For a very long time now I haven't played D3 with the sound on because when I play I usually just watch something on my second screen at the same time. This helps a lot with the grinding tedium.

    Anyway, I decided to play with the sound on for once whilst leveling up my HC female Barb and I hear her say this:
    "You wilt against my blows"

    I cracked up laughing.
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    I love the Diablo 3 gameplay, but I had to turn the voices off. If I heard "Back to hell, dog" or "I'm only getting started" or some other generic quote every 5 seconds, I was going to purchase a plane ticket and smash my speakers against Jay Wilson's face. Graphic, I know, but god damn, who ever came up with that.............
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