I need some advices !

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    Hello guys,

    after obtaining a pretty decent gear and gaining some paragonlevels i am in a situation where i don't know, what to upgrade. i'm playing ww barb.

    my budget atm is around 300mil. what should i buy to be more OP ? :D


    Thanks :)
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    Try crafting shoulders + gloves + amulet. I notice your life is kinda low but it's worth seeing what crafting gives you first.
    Also you could consider dropping the IK belt for a witching hour and running the life steal passive.
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    Ok thanks gonna farm some craft components then :P
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    Crafted items are a good idea because the possible stat rolls but also because it leaves more cash to focus on ideal items you do have to buy. Shoulders, Bracers and Amulets should always be crafted but since IK gloves offer such a large balanced benefit I suggest using your essences on other slots first.

    The 5% life steal you need should be gained from weapons since a free passive slot and a witching hour offers multiple times more deeps. While on the topic of passive skills I recommend staying away from Animosity since its useless.

    Because of crafted bracers you lack movement speed. Research and make a choice between Zunimassa's boots or a combination of Natalya's Boots and Ring to solve your movement speed problem and gain a straight up damage boost.

    You want to end up with ~42k health, ~440 resistance and ~10 melee reduction and 5+ life steal for a stable well performing DW barb on MP10.
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