Barb bk after a break and need direction!

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    Hi all, i just came back after a huge break close to a year, and this is my barb:

    I guess the made inferno a tad easyer as i struggled in act 3 before and now i cleared it, i have read about the paragon levels and MP and need to decide what to do.

    How fast is it to get paragon 100, and should i wait till paragon 100 to increase MP level?

    Also before i never enjoyed WW Barb, is there any other specs come about thats fast clearing and fun?

    Whats best to farm now, was doing butcher on max valor stacks before?

    Any tips and tricks welcome as i said i dropped out of the loop with the break.

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    Bought a few bits now, profile not updated, i have cleared Diablo inferno now so all good, guess ill just keep gaining paragon levels till i can increase MP gradualy up to MP10!
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    People here are eager to help when someone can't make up their mind on item choices or perhaps want to spice up a build they've already established, but the questions you're asking is too much for any person to answer properly - hence the lack of response. So much has changed since the first few months that I suggest just playing around with classes and abilities and first figure out answers to bigger more important questions like:
    1. Do I even like this game and the direction its going in?
    2. What class and style suits me best?
    Youtube and Twitch are full of colorful build suggestions, heck even threads here provided by ChromeOnRust could give you some barb insight and direction we could then further discuss if you had any questions.
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    What's all the rage right now are hybrid WW builds which use either Rend or HotA:Smash for trash / elite farming respectively. HotA builds also get some traction though they are less popular, and they typically look something like this:!ZYh!bYbZYc Guide:

    FYI and slightly off topic, the new bind to account crafted items are very good. I'd suggest focusing on shoulders and an amulet here, and bracers if you aren't using Lacunis. Gloves will usually be IK and chest will usually be IK or Tyreal's, so in general, most of us don't craft those slots. Also, make sure you are crafting "of strength" gear.
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    Ill have to look into the BoA crafted, thats 1st thing i heared about them, anyways thanks both for advice, my aim for now is to get to paragon 100, im able to do butcher runs esily on MP10 ill just hope for good drops and stockpile all my gold till i can buy a MP10 set!!

    Heres my chara

    im just using sprint to kill mobs atm with tornados and frenzy to kill single elites, any constructive criticsm welcome on gear spec etc
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    If you are using Sprint tornadoes for damage, WW is a big help because it lets you move through enemies and drop tornadoes right on top of them instead of running around next to them. Thrive on Chaos is a big deal as well if you can get to the point where you can sustain it as it's really a huge buff to pretty much everything. At that point, you're pretty much playing a standard WW build, but RLtW without WW is definitely slower.

    As far as gear advice, you're going to want to do some research. Life on Hit is pretty much useless with tornadoes and DPS has increased so much that lifeleech is pretty strong for every build, especially against reflects damage mobs. In general, try to pick up 5% lifeleech between your weapon(s) which will let you wear a Witching Hour belt and not have to use the Bloodthirst passive. Other advice would be not to go past the 3-set IK as it's just too defensive -- specifically, I'd swap your boots to either Zunimassa's, Natalya's (only if you get the ring too) or possibly Ice Climbers if you are OK with getting your 24% movement speed somewhere other than on your boots (which probably means either Tyreal's Might chest or Lacuni bracers instead of crafted -- probably the latter if you are on a small budget).

    If you want to level paragon, I'd recommend either Scorpions in Arreat Crater 2 (boring, bad loot) or running Keep Depths 2 (slightly less XP, less boring, better loot) on the highest MP you can kill trash at. Those are just the most optimal places though and you can certainly run other stuff instead. Also, I wouldn't get specifically for the above as 1.08 is going to change the whole ballgame and make elites more worth killing xp-wise.
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    Some nice info tanis, ill try incorperate WW and see how that goes, ill look into lifeleech and some of the gear changes you mentioned
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