WW barb searching for answers :)

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    Hello there,

    First of all i have to say that following Strafir's answers and tips around on forum.

    I am playing a barb and thats my profile : http://eu.battle.net...00/hero/3434637

    Tbh do the same thing as that guy posted here : http://www.diablofan...r-guide-series/

    But , after some weeks (playing like 2-3 hours per day but not everyday) tested the build and path and realize that prefer to do areat 2 and farm scorpions than do kept 2. Because of dying on kept 2 from explosive green shits :P more times than areat 2 were dying only if something goes wrong with elite packs. But afterall i dont have any problem with mp10 etc. And dont do (that time) uber runs cause took already 2 rings (me and scrudel).
    The only thing that need atm is to run 100 paragon asap.

    So , i want to put hota in my build cause i dont want to skip elite packs anymore and cause scorpions spawn isnt fair :) So sometimes when running kept 2 dont have probs with greens or elite packs.

    Also in my gear thinking to buy a witching hour belt with some vit also if possible. That means loosing 2.8 ls from ik belt. Also if i will put brawler loosing 3% ls from bloodthirst.

    So that means need 4-5 ls back right?

    Now the main question. I will go for skorn with high ls or change on dw and take one axe and one ef like Strafir has? I have the money to do the change , just need opinions. I mean the main reason to change some1 from 2h to dw is the gold price or its something else with stats ? Cause i have the money to spend but i dont like to spend without reason.

    Thanks for read and understand :)
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    Well i prefer DW over 2H. So i would suggest getting one weapon with LL, keep bloodthirst and get a witching hour + IK helmet and get the ehp somewhere else that you lose from your Mempo. You can also get a Skorn with LL as you said.

    Try to get to 45k-50k hp. I dont know how much gold you have but i wouldnt get rid of bloodthirst and switch it with brawler if you dont have say 300k dps and only need 3% ll from one weapon.
    Bloodthirst is just a too good money saving passive.
    Keep in mind that if you decide to get a witching hour you will lose the 60 all res from the IK 2set boni.

    Also Im not a huge fan of double roll mempos without crit to be honest. If you buy for example a Andariels visage (or IK helmet but then you need the ias somewhere else in case you are losing breakpoints) with socket and 5-8% fire dmg and get your vit and all res (in your example lacunis) somewhere else you can save a billion gold cause thats what you would pay for a 4.5 crit strength mempo. At least on eu server. And thats isnt worth it. But this is another topic.

    I mean the main reason to change some1 from 2h to dw is the gold price or its something else with stats ? Cause i have the money to spend but i dont like to spend without reason.

    The main reason is that you gain another 15% attack speed when you dual wield and also that there is this weapon called Echoing Fury :D that pushes the speed with + Attacks per seconds on BOTH of your weapons. This results in achieving easier and higher breakpoints wich then results in better dmg for your whirlwind and tornados ticks so you do more dmg. The con is that 2 high end one hand weapons will be more expensive than one high end Skorn.

    The optimal weapon choice would be a slow mace (to get the 10%crit. Axe would also work.) in Mainhand and a Echoing Fury in your offhand. But there are more than enough topics about that and also about breakpoints, how whirlwind and tornado dmg works and so on.
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    Skorn vs. dual wielding fulfills different purposes. Skorn is strongest when you are using Rend since Rend only cares about the damage range and not attack speed. Dual-wielding, particularly with an EF, is going to increase your attack speed significantly which means more ticks per second from tornadoes, more benefit from +min-max damage on jewelry, and a bigger drain on Fury from WW and HotA which helps with sustainability for Thrive on Chaos.

    That being said, if you want to run scorpions with a Skorn, I'd highly recommend WH with a lifesteal Skorn as this also lets you drop Bloodthirst for Brawler which is a massive DPS increase. But then, I'd recommend two LS weapons for dual-wielding too for the same reasons.
    ...and if you disagree with me, you're probably <insert random ad hominem attack here>.
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    Look, almost all barb abilities yell out two-handed. You dish out alot more damage but you do so at the expense of playing smoothly which is why I wouldn't suggest it for anything but ubers or this trash farming spec that is popular right now.

    Having a low attack speed and very high movement speed just completely destroys the game engine. It makes no sense that dual-wielders that produce 2-3 times more server traffic are almost untouched by rubberbanding when two-handed play gets you stuck in a rubberband loop multiple times per game session but that's just the reality of it. It's still possible to play free from issues like this but that requires you to drop stationary abilities like HotA and Bash so killing elites on mp10 is rather tedious.

    Dual-wielding will cost you twice the money and result in lower output, but it guarantees fluid gameplay and you don't have to stress about WOTB uptime for example. Since you have two weapons its easy to get life steal and you don't have to alter your playstyle from pack to pack.

    If mass xp or mid level MP farming is your thing then a Skorn is fine, if you want to challenge both elite and trash at a decent rate then pick dual wield. Luckily stat priorities remain the same for both so just pick one and stay away from unnecessary attack speed and you'll be fine.


    Edit: Since someone is still going to want to play a Skorn-Hota build on mp10 i'll address it too. The amount of damage reflect deals back depends on how much health the monster has. Using hota with 0 LS against reflect on MP10 is equivalent to getting shot by a cannon from point blank range. You need LS from atleast one source and the alternatives are grim.

    Brawler is an awesome passive but I wouldn't suggest getting it this time. You're going to be quite dependant on the healing from Rend and Brawler will just accelerate the speed you kill trash and then the buff will drop off most of the time when fighting the actual elites. Having a free passive slot would require you to either not have a witching hour, get it from the Skorn itself or drop Weapon master for it and none of those are worth it.

    Stick to bloodlust on high MPs and have a IK belt ready for Realm of Turmoil.
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    First of all thanks for fast and clear answers:)

    I stressed a bit but did changes as well

    Bought WH, 2 one handed weapons (both have ls, 5.50% on sum) one axe and one ef, and also took IK irons just to only because of loosing resistances from 2 set. Now have 400-450ressists. Also somewhere read that need 10% melle damage reduction. That was another one reason to go back on irons.

    That means can remove bloodthirst passive and put brawler. And also can remove rend and put hota.

    I like to play with end game builds and test them , cost was ~450m

    I understand the situation with ls , and i want to test that spec a bit.

    As i said dont like to do runs for keys atm ,, just need to focus for paragon 100. But still, dont like to avoid elite packs cause cant have the opportunity to kill them. Thats why i will try that spec.

    I will keep your words as well and in futture with uber runs maybe change again.
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