Logout with buffs ?

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    Hello guys.

    I just need to ask if people can log out with wtob, b-rage and so on and get a bigger damage on profile ?

    The reason why i ask i when i look at peoples profile i trying to learn something of their build
    and when i have more str,crittchans, crittdamage, and better dps wep i still 160 000 dps under ...
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    Yes people can log out with all the buffs, that way profile shows your buffed DPS. If you want to compare UNBUFFED DPS, you can check it from sites like Diabloprogress.
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    Ok thx m8. I just saw people yesterday blaming a guy whanted to do showoff with his 600+ dps and i just needed to go in to some profiles of those who blamed him and i saw this shit with logging off with buffs. I just felt that they shot them self.
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    Just look them up at diabloprogress.com and you see their real unbuffed dps :=)
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