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    I mean is a Wiz really supposed to be right up in the enemies face?

    but now the tank class is tanking and the glasscannon class is being a glasscannon!

    I dont realy care too much about what classes are supposed to do ^^ If anything, it makes for more build diversity when wizards can be up close or ranged, just like a ranged barb is also possible with weapon throw and ancient spear :D

    Btw I would suggest looking for another -lvl requirement weapon :) -9 instead of -15 allready makes a hell of a lot of a price difference. You will probably find some steal that lifts you close to 10k dps :D

    I just purchased that so i could breeze through nightmare and into hell. I'm still trying to get to 60 with all my school work so it might take another few days to get from 51-60.. Hopefully I get there soon!
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