Need Help On Future Crafting And AH Items

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    Ola gamers,

    Looking for an idea of what changes I might need to make on the next few pieces of gear.

    Basically I farm mp2/3 as a standard for Demonic Essence, mp5/6 for Ubers, mp7 for keys.
    I can solo Azmodan on mp10, though thats like a 5min+ Spinning Ballet.

    Basically for a long time the AH gear that would upgrade me has been generally over 20mil a piece with some ranging into 100. Then it happened, more than 10min of AH use will put me into a coma until the next day. I literally pass out in front of the computer at any time of the day, I simply cannot stare at the AH and price check. I get as far as checking on 2 items before passing out.
    That was before 1.07, luckily I have crafted a few items I use now.

    I think I should start with an IK Belt, but I don't want to lose stats (a few 0.x% LS is fine) and I want to get a decent Frenzy/Bash 10%+. Pricing has kept me away....

    I just want to find out from others, what you think would be the best item/items to upgrade, or craft.

    My skill setup is slightly abnormal. I like WW as I find way more survivability than HotA, but I love the damage/hit and the satisfying destruction when killing any number of monsters. But I find I like the staple of Impunity, as a Fury generator, Allies bonus, or mp5+. So I gave up on WotB (CRAZY!!), well actually its more fun, you have to concentrate on mp4+ when theres Jailer/Frozen, knockback slows and could possibly cause alot of trouble, Elites become fun again. If I had WotB I would probably be trying to do 3~5 elite groups at once, but that just doesnt have the fun factor that Jailer/Frozen introduces and the enemies are normally slow at following... Any recommendations for this would be nice too.
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