I need help upgrading my gear.

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    Hey guys, I am trying to raise my overall DMG but it's becoming either very expensive or I just don't know what to upgrade. I know that I could get a solemn vow with a socket, but then it can't have crit dmg and the 100% crit dmg gem is too expensive right now. I am trying to get a hellfire ring but the ubers are giving me a hard time due to my low DPS. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

    This is what I am using currently:

    and this is how my stats look:

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    Ok well your resists are crazy high, you could safely lose over 100 AR and still handle higher mp levels with no problem. 620 - 650 resist all is fine for mp10 even. You can also drop most, if not all, of that loh and rely on ls as your dps increases. At above 150k dps 6% ls should be plenty, and with hota the life steal on those big crits is awesome.

    I'm convinced that the new crafting recipes will work in your favour. Try shoulders first, they can roll over 300 str. Shouldn't be hard to craft some with high str + some vit + resists. Then go for amulets and bracers, or even drop the resists on your lacunis and get some with crit chance instead.

    Ice climbers will also get you a big dps upgrade, however they can be expensive with movement speed. Normally you would get move spd back on Inna's pants if you wanted to go that route (big ehp drop however).
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    Thanks for your input, it has helped me a lot. I took a few ideas from yours and your followers gear, I still do not know how you have so much unbuffed dmg, seeing how our str stats are very similar.

    Here are my stats and you can check the new gear I got by clicling on my profile up top.

    EDIT: I am getting rocked in mp10 now, I guess cuz my all res are lower. Maybe I should switch overpower with rend & the 9% Healing rune, cuz I don't seem to need the crit from overpower.
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    Sorry to hear mp10 is giving you trouble now, keep crafting the shoulders until you get a similar amount of str and 70+ resists.

    Using one of your Bul-Kathos weps in offhand and getting an axe or mace for your MH will give you 10% extra crit chance. Might be worth a try if you can do this without losing dps gained from the set bonus.

    I think my extra dps is coming from gloves, amulet and hellfire ring.

    Edit, I just used d3up to simulate my axe in your main hand and it added + 20k dps!!
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    Should I stick to DW or is a Skorn not viable for HOTA? I have seen some Skorn with 500+ str 200% crit dmg for less than 5mil, no LS but people say that my 6% LS is enough.
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    Skorn is too slow in my opinion, you dont get enough life steal back on the hota crits due to the slower attack speed.
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    Hey, thanks for all your feedback it has really helped.

    I upgraded a few pieces and managed to hit 150k unbuffed, I am happy seeing crits for over 1mil with HOTA. I am having a hard time upgrading my OH, the main reason being that when I find a weapon in the AH and I check the stats to see what improvements it would give me, I can't figure out how much DPS I would get if adding the crit gem to the empty socket of the weapon.

    Buying weapons with sockets is hard :-(
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    Just register on d3up.com and import your profile. You can simulate the new weapon and calculate any dps changes.
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    I tried d3up and I like it but I wish there was a faster way to compare weapons.

    Overall I am sattisfied with my current stats, I can solo MP9 with no problem and I can do uber mp8 with 3 people and I die the least.

    I am checking in diablo progress and I noticed that a lot of barbs do not use the hellfire ring, maybe once you reach a certain paragon level it becomes pointless.
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