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    Hello all,

    I'd like to start by saying that I'm kinda new to this forum but I've had a good look at builds and guides you all provided.

    At the moment I'm using a 2H wep (Skorn) and I believe I could achieve a better result with 2 single handed weps.

    My sole purpose for the moment is to lvl faster (I do Alkaizer run at MP0) but with the current wep I have a slow attack speed of tornadoes left behind by sprint.

    At the moment I have around 170k DPS but with an atack speed of ~1.25 :)

    Could you please advice if it's worth to decrease the DPS and gain attack speed and if so, to what extent.. what DPS should I aim in order to achieve my goal.

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    Thanks for your support!
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    If you switch to dual wielding, you wanna play with WoTB at a higher MP than your actual runs (otherwise its gonna be hard to keep a good uptime on WoTB). You'll have to find the MP that fits your char and your way of doing runs.
    Switching to that kind of build should increase your DPS overall, WoTB gives you a huge DPS increase.
    The movement speed increase you get from it will make you run realy fast (combined with sprint :D) and speed up your runs.

    I advice you to buy a good main hand (axe/mace for 10%crit bonus) with the highest dps you can afford.

    Your second weapon (dagger/sword for fast attack speed), you wanna get CHD (>80%), Life Steal (the closest to 3% the better), a socket, and in a perfect world you also want Str on it to boost your main hand dammage. Don't buy a 200dps one because it will gimp your wirlwind dmg ^^ You can find cheap 700ish DPS weapons (without str), 800+ DPS will cost you few millions.

    About the build, I use this one:!dZY!YZZcYZ
    Works like a charm ^^

    I hope it helps (:
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    Thanks for your answer!

    Do you believe is it worth investing around 10mil on these 2 weps? I kinda have the gems for them.
    Could you please let me know at what MP do you play? MP1-2 I believe would be best (I don;t really have a big AR)
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    I lost a lot of AR with the patch because I didnt take time to craft better items than those I made (15k dps increase with shoulder/amu/bracers each was just too shiny for my eyes) but the dps increase was so big that it didnt realy matter, LS compensates for the loss.
    I think Im sitting around 400 AR and I farm on MP5 without any trouble, with WoTB I'm around 260k dps buffed and it just dies so fast >.>

    If you can get a nice main hand weapon for 5-8mil it should be worth it, 2mil will be enough to get your 700ish dps off hand with the stats you need (paid mine 1M).

    EDIT: prices given for EU servers
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    That sounds great!
    It's clearly an improvement. From what I've checked, we have similar equipment, except weps ofc.

    Do you mind telling me the average time you spend on a MP5 run?
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    Depending on how much my gf interfers with the run :D
    I do a run in 25 to 35mn on mp5 but I clean a lot of areas and kill the key warden ^^
    Its not the pure parangon lvling route but for now its has rewarded me well and usualy gives me over 50% or my parangon lvl.
    I'll do a classic run tonight and tell you how much time it takes me and how much xp/h it could give me.
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    Thanks, That would be great :)

    I'm planning on using this tool:
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    Didnt know of it thanks for the info I'll give it a try (:
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    No worries.
    Thanks again for your help. Looking forward hearing the results :D
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    Using the classic run I am at 67M exp/h with a run cleared in 19mn (didnt find any shrine in that run :/ ).
    The core areat -> Tower of the damned -> Bridge of Korsikk -> Keep lvl2 -> Areat Crater lvl2

    I'll do more runs to get more accurate exp/h ^^
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    Thanks for the update.

    I'll search the market and I'll keep on farming mby I'll get some 1h drop and I'll be able to buy the next. Your advice is welcomed :)
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