NEED: MP10 Uber-Rushs on EU server

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    Im looking for MP10 Uber-Rushs on EU server (i'm german).
    and i would like to ask you if you are intrested.

    I nerver done ubers higher than mp3 befor but will farm the 3 machines and will be able to use an stundbuild if you want.

    So mainquestion will be: will you do it 4 free or will you take a fee?

    Players on EU-Servers are invited.
    Its not mandatory to have machines but welcome.
    I need save and fast Kill on MP10!!!i
    I dont have much time to play atm so it have to be mp10 for nearly garant drop.
    I dont care to have 3 UBER-Players in grp who will instagib the Bosses!!!

    Just leave a Comment and/or add me ingame with "MP10-Uberboss-rush/grp" comment if you have rediq.EG and be able to solo MP10 for me without a fee or want to build a grp.

    Greetz Maddin

    Battletag - Maddin#2976
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