My 826k dps hota barb taking a stroll @ mp 10

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    Hey guys.

    Ive been trying to min-max the HotA build (i dont fancy the ww/nado build) on the ptr for a while now, and after extensive testing, this is what ive come up with. (recored on live server)

    My 826k dps hota barb taking a stroll @ monster power level 10 @
    (Got 81mil xp per hour in that run)

    This part is for the "advanced" barbs, with a basic understanding how the HotA build works.

    I tired first the standard alkaizer route, but it don't synchronize so well with the hota build, as the moobs on most level like to spread out/run from you. So i chose to focus on the level where the moobs are more HotA friendly :) (keep level 2)

    I start with "Core of arreat" as a jump start of the xp farming, as you can find 2-4 packs there.

    This is the build used in the video:!YZg!babYZc


    Bash * Punish: As the "Rolling Thunder" rune on HotA have a lowish proc rate, you need some extra fury. So why not get 24% extra damage as you have to get more fury anyway.. :)

    HotA * Rolling Thunder: Sick aoe damage, good for farming(lowish proc rate with "Into the Fray"). Keep smash for single target/├╝berbosses.

    Sprint * Marathon: You need to find those monsters fast for perma WOTB...

    Battle Rage * Into the Fray: You want fury, especially with a HotA build.

    Rend * Bloodlust: Something to keep you alive through those pesky affixes. (You can switch to "Warcry" if you dont have enough EHP to survive the burst damage, and relay on lifesteal from weapon/passive for life back)

    WOTB * Thrive on Chaos: Self explanatory, HULK SMASH.


    Weapons Master: As HotA builds are based on crit hit chance this is a good thing to have. (with a mace/axe mainhand)

    Ruthless: More crit hit chance and damage.

    Brawler: This choice is player depended... Get Bloodthirst if you dont have lifesteal on you belt/weapons. Get more EHP if your having a hard time staying alive. Or just more damage like me etc etc :)


    You will need a SOJ with -5fury on Hota for this build to work as intended.
    You want over 50% crit hit chance to make life easier for yourself.
    You want as much movespeed as you can muster, as you need to find those monsters. Right ? :)
    Other then that you stack the bare minimum EHP you need, and as much damage as you can.

    Closing words

    As "Rolling Thunder" have lower procrate then "Smash" with "Into the fray", be ready for some heavy duty fury management.. (dont end up cross eyed)

    This build is Extremely gear depended, so this build is for the one percent..

    Hope there ain't to many typos

    May the thunder-god be with you.
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    Good video made me laugh with the choice of music. Very nice Route for the Hota build.
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    Enjoyed that, all the more because I still had this ( ) going through my head when I watched it, so all I could hear was that song.
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