Help with upgrade WW Barb 20M

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    I can do MP3-4 just fine. But I run MP0 for Exp runs and have never died, even with reflect or 2-
    3 packs at once
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    Anyone want to help me out?
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    Swap offhand to dagger with similar stats. More attack speed = more tornado ticks. Get some vit to around 35k if you want to do higher MP levels. Change the overpower rune to either crushing advance or to the extra crit one. Crit damage on rings would help too.
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    All the jewelry looks pretty bad. I bought neck with somewhat similar dps but better survivability for only 3 mill last week although it was quite a steal: a good dmg range, >130 str, >110 vit, ~700 loh, 9.5 cc . Even if you don't find a good deal, you should still be able to find something with better dps/survivability for a few mill. IMO sockets on jewelry are becoming more of a consolation prize than anything, it's alright but not as good as a main stat roll would be and it's much worse than a good secondary stat would be.

    If you can't find any good upgrades in your budget then finish upgrading your offhand gem.

    Also if you're only going to paragon farm MP0 then change your helm gem for +xp instead of %life. With that dps but low hp I would think MP2 would suit you better to still blow through everything but not risk dying as much as MP3-4 would with your lack of survivability, but test it out and see how efficient it is.
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    agree with other comments and will add a couple of my own;
    Sorry, I really don't like your mainhand. The damage figures of "477-776" is way too low for your level of character. Don't forget that this is the figure which your tornadoes are based on and you can get a much better axe or mace for 10M or so. Just remember to aim for the best "XX-XX" Damage figure that you can (i.e. don't focus solely on DPS) Consider swapping your echo to offhand so you can keep the strength and APS and strength but significantly reduce the annoying fear affect.
    2nd comment is prob just stating the obvious, but you need a lot more crit chance. I'm guessing that you will be having a real hard time with fury management and/or keeping wrath up?
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