What MP level can I handle?

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    Hello, I recently came back to playing diablo 3 and took a break right before the paragon level system/mp level system got introduced. I spent probably between 100-200M on my gear currently and just was wondering what difficulty I can handle? I tried out MP10 this morning and I was able to survive just fine, just took me about 2 minutes or so to handle a pack of elites. It took me so long to kill them that once i popped WOTB i was able to actually keep it up the entire duration of it until it refreshed without dropping. So I do feel like my crit hit chance and crit hit damage is up to par as far as difficulty level, but do you suggest maybe trying to farm MP 7 or 8? I was told that you want to just be able to breeze through mobs and clear as fast as possible but I do like a bit of a challenge. Any insight would be great, looking forward to talking to some wonderful barbarians :pirate:
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    You know that you can edit your existing post with an URL if you have just one post? ;)
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    Quote from Pietrov

    You know that you can edit your existing post with an URL if you have just one post? ;)

    Yes just did :) can you look at my profile and give me any pointers? I feel like any other upgrades are gonna cost 150mil+ :QQ:
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    24 % MS. Rare shoulders with vita, and you could use new bracers too as they are pretty cheap (more armor/vita/all res) or Lacunis would help you with movement speed too, if you dont wanna buy climbers with MS.

    Edit: New ik gloves with more strenght too !
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    Change your shoulders you'd want some vit and/or life% on them, cd or ias on gloves or both,I'd also look into getting innas pants with some str,your ice climbers dont have ms. Looking at your gear I'd say you can do mp5-6 with no problem,well you probably will survive higher mps but things will just take too much time to kill
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