Should i switch to dualwield WW Barb?

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    Hi, sorry for my bad english skills, i hope you will understand me.
    First of all : thats link to my profile

    Now i can easy farm MP0 A3 with about 60m exp per hour (arreat crater lvl 2 -> keep depts lvl 2-> rakkis crossing route). I'm picking up some ilvl63 items, rings,amulets, and legendaries ofc.
    I am able to do MP6-8(depends on CM Wizz class and skill) ubers without many deaths.
    The question is, could i farm faster and still do ubers with dual wield barb? I just dropped one item
    worth about 30m and that the question. Should i keep this, or sell it and maybe buy other offhand(if i switch to DualWield).
    What about 5 IK pieces buff? Should i keep it? Im thinking about witching hour as huge dps boost i also have in stash(i can sell it for about 20m).
    At this moment i have 20m gold as well.
    So the point is :
    -should i keep 5ik pieces?
    -should i switch to DW? If yes - should i sell this offhand and buy another? Which one? What about mainhand?
    -should i sell ice climbers?
    -what to improve in my skorn barb build + gear to farm faster?
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    any ideas?
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    That Butcher's cleaver is pretty awesome. I'd get an Echoing fury for main hand and use this as off hand. Ik 5 piece is really nice. Ice Climbers are good but with movement speed they will cost you a fortune so better stick to Ik imo.
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