High MP's uber runs with HotA/Rend build

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    I make frequently uber runs on mp 5-8 and struggle always with the ones in the right portal.
    When my group manages to keep Kulle away from me and I'm not unlucky with tornados, bubbles etc from Kulle I survive and kill the big one.

    My question now is what should I change in my gear amd or skills to survive better or easier?

    I usually play:
    Ignore Pain-Iron Hide
    Battlerage- ItF
    Animosity-Weapon Master-Ruthless

    I use the gear I'm wearing right now, just switch my gem in helmet:


    Switching to some more defennsive gear and sacrifycing dps didn't help really.
    I also have a offhand with LL and lower dps.
    Should I try to switch to my skorn?
    Animosity seems a little useless for these fights, what else could I try?
    Anything about my gear?

    Thanks for the help
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    I would say bloodthirst is the oblivious choice instead of Animosity
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    Different hota builds become really strong after you have enough hp buffer and defense to basically just stand there and perform with the maximum output you can. Rend with a one-handed weapon is quite silly, especially if it doesnt crit, at least when it comes to the healing aspect, so perhaps just speccing into War cry or even Threatening shout of your choise instead of rend could be highly worth it? You just need to adjust your playstyle with the understanding that you cannot get any hp back unless you actually do damage yourself.

    Your life leech is where it should be when you can spamhammer reflect packs all you want without loosing basically any hp, at this point siegebreaker wont have anything on you! For other packs/bosses switch in a witching hour instead of your IK belt.

    Another choice, being my favorite, would be to try out a Skorn if the playstyle suites you more.
    http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Strafir-2132/hero/21219859 2-handed build WINKWINK

    PS. You should pretty much always have bloodthirst selected as one of your passives.
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    Definitely swap to Bloodthirst as a passive instead of Animosity. The main variables in this situation are gear, skill set up, and group. Gear could always use upgrades, skills generally have limited choices, and groups always do better with a "GOOD" CM Wizard. The variations of your particular build are limited. Your only obvious option is to swap Rend for War Cry : Impunity. When you switch to the 3% LS passive and have 'x' higher All Res, you should see a noticeable boost in survivability. I personally always frown upon using Skorn, but that's just me saying "I like apples and don't like oranges". You personally might like both, so that's your call. But your best bet is to try swapping your passives and swapping War Cry over Rend.
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    First of all, thanks for all your replies and suggestions.
    Why is rend not good as dual wield?
    In my farming build with sprint marathon instead of ignore pain or heroic leap it saves my ass in every reflect pack.
    Reflect seems to sometimes one hit me and otherwise not a problem at all.
    I have a Skorn, but the playstyle is really really slow :(
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    For dual wielding some pointer to pwn reflect e's:

    +/- 500 AR
    minimum 6% life steal (passive incl.)
    40K HP
    100K dps

    Get this right and no e is to much. Only some combos on mp8+ can be pain in the ass, but that's like 1/30.
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    Rend is not bad as dual wield, but have much more potential with a 2hand, because only mainhand weapon damage matters for rend.
    Furthermore rend + bloodlust is not strong against a single target, it's only effective against more monsters.

    if you only have problems with tanking siegebreaker, then tank him.

    Take a 1hand weapon with high loh >800 and vitality, dps doesnt matter,
    a shield with vitality or a second 1hand weapon with high loh >800 and vitality and
    a amulet with loh >600, (armor, all resistance and vitality).

    With overpower crushing advance and warcry you should have no problem with tanking him. Pull siegebreaker to one side of the room. Very far away from the rest of your group.

    If your task is to tank him, then you must not kill him alone and your dps doesnt really matter until Kulle is dead.
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    Furthermore rend + bloodlust is not strong against a single target, it's only effective against more monsters.

    200k/crit tick with insane healing is not strong? Have you tried it to say so?
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