Important question about ww barbs offhand?

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    Hi all.

    So is it true that offhand weapons dps aint important for ww barb?

    Would you rather use this bulkathos sword or this axe as ur offhand?

    Ive been using bulkathos cos it shows me ~12k more "main damage" (without gem), but if that doesnt matter so much when using whirlwind all the time i quess that axe is pretty awesome? (yea i quess 1.50attacks per second dagger would be even nicer but still thats pretty good stats if that about 700dps doesnt matter so much).

    I quess my main hand weapon aint important for this question but here it is anyways: bit over 1000dps echoing fury with 96% critdmg.

    Thanks to all who can answer my stupid question :)
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    I'd pick that axe because it has a socket on it. OH for WW barb is a stats stick, dps is not a big deal,
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    for ww the damage from the offhand matters.

    for the tornados from sprint offhand damage doesn't matter

    if you play ww/rltw your offhand damage doesnt really matter, because main damage source are the tornados from sprint.

    can't see picture
    post stats pls
    you can use detailed dps for this easy question.
    compare tornado damage not charakter screen dps!
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    The Axe is 13% (effective dps against elite not sheet dps) better for me with a 100% crit dmg gem and 8% with a 70% crit dmg gem. This is with my gear but you can give me a link to your barb and i'll do it again.
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    Depending on your crit chance, the axe might even be an upgrade on char sheet once you put the gem in it (it most likely will be).
    Char sheet dps isnt the important thing of course, but it has higher APS too and the crit dmg will give a great dmg boost to RLTW.
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    Tazeon, heres stats for those weapons if pic aint showing to you:

    Bul-Kathos´s Warrior Blood
    Set Mighty Weapon

    902.8 dps
    1.30 Attacks per Second

    +198-576 Holy Damage
    +44% Damage
    +192 Strength
    Critical Hit Damage Increased by 96%
    2.80% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life
    Increases Damage Against Elites by 5%


    Hero Chasm
    Rare Axe

    709.7 dps
    1.38 Attacks per Second

    +154-498 Holy Damage
    +139 Strength
    Increases Attack Speed by 6%
    Critical Hit Damage Increased by 97%
    3.00% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life
    EMPTY SOCKET (I might get 90% or even 100% crit gem)

    So would you prefer axe?

    edit. btw here´s my hero
    What would be next thing to do to make my barb better?
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    Thanks for the link,

    Axe with 90% crit dmg gem is 4303 more sheet dps or 9.5% more effective dps.
    Axe with 100% crit dmg gem is 6455 more sheet dps or 11% more effective dps.

    This is with Battle Rage, Anatomy and Passive Skills.
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